Spending Christmas in a Cabin

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The Holidays are here again and it’s time to enjoy your own personal winter wonderland. Maybe you have your own log cabin, maybe you are looking at transforming your home with TruLog Steel Log Siding or maybe you just want to rent a cabin to celebrate Christmas. Whatever your situation, here are a few ideas for making a log cabin Christmas a reality.

How to find a Christmas Cabin

Christmas can be a popular time for cabins, so how do you find a great one? Start off with location. Where do you want to go? Do you want snow or a warm sunny Christmas by the pool? There are cabin rentals across the nation from the Smoky Mountains to the Texas Hill Country. Want something with more winter weather, try the Rocky Mountains or the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. For the best cabins, you may have to make reservations early. Some cabins are already pre-decorated for Christmas, so you don’t have to pack a Christmas Tree.

Christmas Cabin Activities

The kids and spouse are at this log cabin getaway. Maybe even the extended family, Grandads and Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins joined the fun. So what do you do to keep everyone engaged and having fun for the Christmas Holiday? Here are a few Christmas cabin activities that can be fun.

Decorate – While many people like to decorate their homes for weeks or months in advance of the holiday when you are vacationing its great fun to do all that decorating together. Bring some Christmas decorations and enjoy decorating as a family.

Holiday cooking and baking – Check out some of our great Cast Iron Cabin Cooking posts for recipes and rustic cooking ideas. You can also find holiday baking recipes, cookies, pies, cakes. Look for things that are vintage, maybe old family recipes or something that expresses your cultural heritage.

Outdoor Hikes or Snowshoeing – Depending on where your Christmas Cabin is located, you might be able to take a nice nature hike or bring your cold weather gear for a fun day out in the snow. Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing are popular wintertime sports in places with snow.

Games and Music – Finally let’s not leave out some traditional games and Christmas carols. If someone can play a few chords on the guitar you can have a family sing-a-long. There are also many great party style board games out there these days as well as more traditional things like charades or a fun gift exchange game.

Whatever you do for Christmas, a Christmas Cabin is a fun way to spend the holidays and get the whole family together for a little rest and relaxation.

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