Solar Generators: Not A Bad Idea

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Even though you’ve found your way to the middle of the woods, the unfortunate truth of our day-to-day means that you might need electricity. Luckily, the log-cabin lifestyle doesn’t have to mean cutting yourself off completely! If you’re looking to outfit your getaway with a little modern convenience, then why not think about a solar generator?

We all know about gas and propane generators. And the benefits of those–and other conventional generators–are pretty significant. But sometimes the option to run a gasoline generator just isn’t particularly feasible. Or, since we’re being honest here, particularly attractive!

Solar generators are a good fix for a gas generator’s problems

Solar generators are a great alternative! Where gasoline generators are loud, with a number of limitations in where you can run them, a solar generator is silent (and doesn’t produce carbon monoxide, meaning you can have a generator indoors!) Likewise, operating costs are minimal, with no fuel needed and no moving parts!

Of course, one of the main selling-points of a solar generator can also be its one big weakness. If you don’t have the sun, then you can’t get energy from your generator! If your cabin is in a place that doesn’t get much sun–the Pacific Northwest, say, or in a shady valley–you’ll get less of a return for your generator. Even heavy tree cover (which is a selling point for a lot of cabins) can keep them from running at maximum efficiency.

The solution might be half-and-half

But don’t let that stop you! Especially if you’re on land that gets a good amount of sun, a solar generator could be a great way to provide electricity for your log cabin. Even it’s not, a solar generator might be a good way to cut down on costs–if your cabin is wired–or cut down on expenditure (if it’s not.)

Installing and running a solar generator is easier than you may think, too. With a lot of solar generators being “plug and play”–or something close to it–putting them up isn’t the task that it’s made out to be. Take a look at this handy guide for more information!

Whether or not you go with solar power is, of course, up to the requirements of your individual situation. Making sure you treat your log cabin right is our number-one priority here at Tru Log. And, just in case you’re considering one, then yes– solar generators are compatible with Tru Log steel siding.

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