Smooth vs. Textured Hardie Plank Siding

Side-by-side comparisons are crucial when it comes to picking exterior building materials. When comparing smooth and textured Hardie plank siding, it’s important for homeowners to recognize how a wood grain siding style can contribute warmth and character to the structure. There are many exterior design styles – including modern, rustic, ranch, and new suburban – that can benefit from a textured wood grain aesthetic.

In addition to comparing textured and smooth styles, it should also be noted that there’s an easy alternative to Hardie board textured lap that offers better consistency, durability, and strength – meaning less upkeep and repair costs! TruLog’s steel siding is a great option for homeowners who value visual texture and depth but also want a long-lasting product that offers superior protection for their home.

First, let’s compare Hardieplank smooth vs cedar mill siding to assess how the different approaches to texture can contribute style variation. Then, we’ll take a look at a wood-look steel alternative that recreates the natural wood grain texture of cedar mill siding, but provides much better durability and enhanced strength.

Stylistic Options: Hardie Board Smooth vs Textured Lap

As you can probably guess, the main difference between smooth Hardie board and textured lap is the visual impression. Textured lap siding has a natural-looking wood grain pattern that offers warmth, authenticity, and an overall more stylized appearance, whereas smooth lap offers a clean, uniform appearance that is popular for minimalist design approaches with simple exterior styles.

For textured siding, the patterns are quite subtle, meaning they don’t stick out like a sore thumb or monopolize attention. They do, however, add exceptional character that lots of homeowners appreciate. Reminiscent of classic wood structures, lodges, cabins, and cottage styles, Hardie plank cedar mill offers a modern way to get that familiar design feature without worrying about all the vulnerabilities of natural wood siding.

Horizontal lap is typically considered to be the most popular style, because it creates a classic look. The slight overlap contributes attractive shadow lines that enhance the texture even more. When it comes to the color selections of smooth or textured Hardie plank siding, both offer a great range of hues to consider.

Smooth vs. Textured Hardie Plank Siding: Which is Right for You?

Deciding between smooth or textured siding can be tricky, as both are used effectively to create fresh, modern designs and classic styles. The choice really comes down to personal preference – as it does for most aesthetic decisions concerning exterior design.

With that said, it’s helpful to note that a subtle wood grain texture tends to deepen the exterior design potential and add that extra boost of character that can enrich the overall curb appeal of a home. Most homeowners find that wood-look siding adds incredible dimension to the design. There are lots of colors to choose from, so it’s pretty easy to find the precise tone you need that offers that beautiful wood-style texture – without relying on wood!

Wood-Look Lap with Better Durability from TruLog

If you find the warmth of wood-look siding to be as attractive as most homeowners do, then it’s time to open up the options and consider alternatives to Hardieplank cedar mill that can provide a similar look but with much better performance. Hardie board is built from fiber cement, which makes it a stronger option than traditional wood planks that can warp, rot, and weaken with typical exposure to the elements. With that said, there are even better materials out there. Consideri wood-look siding crafted from a stronger material, like steel, to ensure that your exterior stays in tip-top shape for a long time.

Overall, steel siding offers much better strength and durability, but without any compromises. Most homeowners are thrilled to discover that there are wood-look steel siding options available. Crafted from high-quality American steel, TruLog’s lap siding looks just like real wood siding in its most pristine form. Attractive colors, like cedar, pine, walnut, and farmhouse white, add to the allure of steel siding and enhance its unique visual impression.

Because of its steel core, TruLog’s wood-style siding offers impeccable durability, which includes a Class 4 Impact Rating. Though most homeowners don’t like to think about ‘impact ratings’ while remodeling their home, it’s always smart to be prepared and think ahead. Even minor impacts like hail or fallen tree branches can scrape and ding other types of siding that aren’t equipped to handle heavy contact. Steel can handle these threats. Plus, a 30-year warranty and Class A Fire Rating are standard for TruLog’s wood-style steel products.
If a textured look that includes natural wood grain patterning is your style, then take the time to explore TruLog’s steel wood grain siding options. WIth gorgeous colors and exceptional strength, wood-style steel is the way to go to beautify and strengthen your home’s exterior.

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