Five Modern Siding Trends to Consider for Your Next Renovation

Men build siding Fiber Cement Board on wall exterior

Did you know modern wood siding is one of the best ways to add value to your home? Adding more modern elements to your exterior living space is a simple way to drive curb appeal and make neighbors wonder how stylish the rest of your home must be.

If you’re considering replacing the siding on your home, finding the best siding trend to match your stylistic preference (and keep up with modern industry trends) is a must. In this article, we will discuss five modern siding ideas that are sure to add character and value to your home.

1. Vertical Alignment

Horizontal boards are out. Contemporary lines achieved by modern vertical siding are in. This siding style is all about playing with expectations.

By tilting your siding material just 90 degrees, you can draw the eye up. This allows onlookers to appreciate facets of your home that normally go unnoticed. This also allows admirers to actually notice your modern vertical siding, which can often be taken for granted when installed in a more traditional alignment.

2. Mixed Materials

Most modern homes feature a number of design elements working together toward a unified aesthetic. This is as true for colors (see above) as it is for the materials a home is made from. For your next siding project, rather than sticking to just one material and aesthetic, play with the full toolkit instead. By mixing materials, can unlock a whole new vibe in your home.

3. Grains and Textures

Synthetics have often been thought of as cheap, plasticky siding options. But thanks to modern fabrication techniques, siding meant to echo natural wood is considerably better than it used to be.

With this in mind, consider a siding that brings an organic, almost living element to the material. Show off a unique grain pattern within the color design. Or use a modern siding material that features natural-looking imperfections or asymmetries. The key is that your siding doesn’t look like it came from a factory.

4. Shingles

Formerly seen mostly in coastal regions, the shingle look is having a bit of a moment. Maybe it’s because of the timeless charm of a shingled aesthetic. Maybe it’s because this look is relatively inexpensive. Or maybe it’s the Joanna Gaines of it all.

Whatever the source, shingled siding is a great solution to turn even a humdrum facade into a breezy escape.

5. Eco-friendly Materials

Sustainable renovations are one of the top things a homeowner can do to boost the value of their home. For example, metal roofing is all the rage (largely for the eco-friendliness of it all). So it stands to reason that eco-friendly siding, like that made of metal, also follows suit.

Much like the synthetic siding journey we noted above, metal siding doesn’t need to evoke a cringe. This isn’t the corrugated metal siding you might see on an industrial farmhouse. Instead, eco-friendly metal siding can come in a variety of nuances. Textures, patterns, shapes, and colors can match all of the trend points we covered throughout this article.

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