The Best Horse Barn Siding Options

Siding for Horse Barn: The Best Options, Pros & Cons

Want the best siding for your horse barn? There are lots of options on the market, but one specific siding material tends to soar above the rest.

Take a look at all the things you need to consider when selecting siding for horse barns, as well as a breakdown of materials that can yield particular pros and cons. You might be surprised at some of the risks involved with popular choices like wood siding.

The Best Horse Barn Siding Options

What to Consider with Horse Barn Siding

Think about how much time the horses and their keepers will be spending in the barn – equipping this structure properly is important! Yet many people tend to overlook some aspects of horse barn siding that should certainly be accounted for during the planning process.

Here’s a brief rundown of things you’ll want to consider when picking out the best horse barn siding for your ranch:

Aesthetic Charm – Having horses is a dream! Your horse barn should reflect your ranch’s personality and charm. In other words, you should love the way it looks! Colors, textures, and siding styles are an important part of the design process.

Durability – Horse barn siding needs to be equipped to hold up in rough conditions and nasty weather. After all, the siding plays a part in protecting the animals and supplies inside, so durability is key. Long-term strength can also affect your bottom line, as siding materials that require frequent repair or maintenance can quickly drain finances. Durability should be a priority when shopping for the best horse barn siding.

Weather Resistance – Rain, hail, and wind can affect various types of siding differently. Unless you want to be constantly fixing up the horse barn after storms, try and choose a weather resistant siding option:

  • Flammability – Fire safety is another top concern, especially for a structure that will house animals, or for horse barns that are in more remote areas.
  • Cost + Maintenance – Cost and maintenance remain a top consideration when shopping for horse barn siding. Think about how much you want to budget for the barn and how much time and energy you can allot to ongoing maintenance, as some siding options, like wood, require a lot more work than others.

Common Types of Siding for Horse Barns

People tend to think of metal and wood siding for horse barns, but there are other options on the market. Each of these materials offers pros and cons, as well as varying degrees of maintenance work and ongoing costs involved in their upkeep. Take a look at some of the options:


Wood is undeniably charming and considered the classic pick for horse barn siding. It’s also an easy material to work with, which makes it a popular choice for ranchers looking to do their own siding projects. However, wood has many risks. Highly flammable and damage prone, wood horse barn siding often chips, warps, rots, and peels in normal, everyday conditions, due to moisture damage and sun exposure.

Common Types of Siding for Horse Barns

Some people like the look of weathered wood – but most don’t. In addition, timber is wildly expensive at the moment, and ranchers should plan for ongoing maintenance costs, like repainting and staining the barn every few years.


Vinyl is considered attractive for its affordability and lightweight qualities that make it easy to work with. Vinyl is sold in many colors and styles, boosting its aesthetic potential as well. However, vinyl is a slick, plastic-based material, which makes it vulnerable to showing signs of mold growth and grime. It’s also fairly flimsy, so it doesn’t hold up well in rough weather conditions. Though it can be used for horse barn siding, it isn’t considered the most reliable exterior.

Vinyl Siding for Horse Barn

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is generally stronger and more durable than vinyl siding, and it does not have the same susceptibility to warping and rotting as wood. The downside of fiber cement siding is that it is quite heavy and may require specialized contractors to install, due to its fibrous composition. Fiber cement siding is on the pricier side, so be prepared for higher installation costs and expenses.

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Metal siding is fire resistant, weather resistant, and durable, making it the perfect candidate for horse barn siding. Some people aren’t familiar with this material, but easy-to-use designs make it simple to install, which eliminates that concern. People are also surprised to learn that metal siding is sold in all sorts of colors, textures, and styles, so it’s easy to design an attractive horse barn that’s also built to last.

Metal Siding for Horse Barn

TruLog Has the Best Siding for Horse Barns

Built with a heavy-duty, 26-gauge steel core, TruLog’s steel siding is ideal for providing a reliable exterior for a horse barn that’s beautiful and strong. TruLog steel siding has a Class A Fire Rating, Class 1 Impact Rating, UV protective coating, and corrosion resistant barrier – so it looks great year after year with little to no maintenance.

TruLog Has the Best Siding for Horse Barns

TruLog offers all sorts of steel siding that resembles authentic wood, with natural-looking wood grain patterns, textures, and genuine colors, like cedar and pine. 
Get a classic look for your horse barn siding without compromising on strength! Contact TruLog to explore the best siding for your horse barn.

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