Say Goodbye to Winter at an Ice Castle

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If you’re the type of person who lives for winter and loves the cold, you might be kind of bummed that winter is coming to an end. After all, what’s not to love about snowball fights, winter sports, and huddling indoors by a warm, cozy fire? Don’t worry; you don’t have to face summer just yet. There’s still plenty of cold to go around, and there are ways for you and your family to enjoy it that you haven’t experienced yet.


Today, we’re highlighting one of the coolest attractions you can visit—the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado. Book a cabin nearby and get ready for a one-of-a-kind winter getaway!


What are the Ice Castles?

Well, they’re pretty much what they sound like. They are castles that are made out of ice. They aren’t naturally forming, though they’re made out of real icicles. Artists meticulously hand-place hundreds of thousands of icicles to create the ice castle.


The castle is lit up by LED lights and has everything from ice thrones (it is a castle, after all) to ice sculptures. You’ll be able to walk and crawl through ice-laden tunnels and even walk underneath icicles. Have you ever wanted to slide on ice? Now’s your chance! There are even fire performances, which are stunning to witness. It’s every ice lover’s dream. We especially like that it’s family-friendly, and there are a lot of fun ways for the kids to play and have fun in the cold.


The Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado aren’t the only ones around. There are also castles in Edmonton, Lake Geneva, Excelsior, New Hampshire, and Midway. No matter where you live, you’re probably close enough to one of the locations to plan a trip. Keep in mind, because they’re made out of ice, which melts, they aren’t open year round. Be sure to check the Ice Castles website before planning your trip to see if they’re up and running. Some of the locations have already closed for the season.


Plan your trip

The Ice Castles themselves are pretty affordable to get into. In Dillon, ticket prices are $18.95 for an adult on a weekend, and even less for kids and weekday tickets. There are cabins nearby you can rent off of Lake Dillon for a rustic adventure.


The castles are entirely outside, so you’ll want to bundle up. The Ice Castles recommend wearing winter clothes, including winter coats, warm pants, and boots. Snow pants are recommended if you’re going to be playing on the slides. They allow guests to bring snow cleats, but they aren’t necessary to have a good time or to walk steadily on the trails. Strollers

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