Santa’s Log Cabin is a Christmas Dream Come True

christmas cookie photo We hear a lot of talk about Santa’s Workshop, but have you ever wondered where Santa goes to kick off his boots when work is done? Wonder no more: Zillow recently added a listing for the North Pole luxury log cabin where the jolly elf himself spends his spare time!

A Cozy Arctic Hideaway

Santa’s cabin has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and spans an impressive 2,500 square feet. The cabin is built on a 25-acre lot that is, of course, located at the North Pole, ensuring an impressive view of the mountainous Arctic landscape from every window. With estimated value of over $650,000, the cabin is one of the most valuable homes in the North Pole — although there is admittedly not much competition.

Although the cabin was built in 1822, a renovation in 2013 has kept Mr. and Mrs. Claus up to date with modern fixtures and appliances. Were you to enter through the welcoming, wreath-decked front door, you could hang your scarf and hat beside Santa’s signature fur-lined red coat in the entryway.

A floor-to-ceiling river rock fireplace is the centerpiece of a cozy living room where the Clauses surely enjoy mugs of hot chocolate and fresh-baked Christmas cookies. And where better to bake those Christmas cookies than the gourmet kitchen, which Zillow claims features an oven with “12 different cookie settings”?

The dining room provides the perfect venue to have the elves over for dinner, and two guest rooms could accommodate them — or at least a few of them! — if they were to stay the night. Mr. and Mrs. Claus have their own charming master bedroom too, of course.

But it’s not all fun and games — there’s always work to be done, so naturally Santa has a home office. It features shelves stuffed with prototype toys and a massive writing desk suitable for that long “naughty and nice” list. There’s even a sewing table, allegedly the same table where Santa made the first teddy bear.

Don’t worry, the reindeer aren’t left out in the cold — also on the property are stables to house all nine reindeer, and a garage to house Santa’s sleigh.

Have Your Own Winter Haven

Unfortunately, Santa Claus has no current plans to move, so this particular cabin is not for sale. But if your holiday wish is for a cozy log cabin of your own, there’s an affordable alternative: Steel log siding gives you that log cabin look, but without the maintenance and the cost.

Protect your home and grant your log cabin wishes with Tru-Log’s patented log siding panels. Call or reply online today for your free estimate.

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