Rustic Siding: How to Get the Look Without Using Wood

The first impression of your home is provided by the exterior of your property. If you are like most homeowners, you take great pride in your property and do your very best to keep the exterior of the home in good condition, including cleaning your home and landscaping.

Over time, you may decide that you want your home to have a new look. Today’s design atheistic includes a rustic look. You can easily achieve a rustic look for the exterior of your home without adding a real wood material. But how?

Rustic Siding

Rustic Siding 2

A rustic look can be achieved by installing a rustic exterior siding to your home. TruLog provides a unique siding material created from steel that is a great alternative to wood, providing durability and visual appeal to the home.

If you were to install wood siding on your home, you would have to worry about upkeep, durability, termite damage or other issues. With a rustic house siding like TruLog, you have an option that is basically maintenance free that provides the appearance of real wood.

With rustic looking siding, you get the look and feel of a rustic wood home without the downsides of installing wood siding. TruLog siding comes in many colors and can easily be installed on the exterior of your home. The rustic siding panels are created from 28-gauge steel, providing a sturdy surface for your home’s exterior.

If you have been dreaming of rustic siding for your home to change the look of your dwelling, then this product is the best option for you. With an easy installation and low maintenance, you can achieve the look of a log cabin without the hassle of real wood. With a 30-year warranty, you never have to worry about the integrity of the siding or the protection of your home.

Maintenance Free

When you have a real log home, you have to provide care and maintenance if you want to maintain the appearance of the exterior as well as durability. Real wood creates issues such as rot, fungus, and insect infestations. You will constantly be worrying about what might happen to the exterior and spend countless hours of upkeep.

Cracking chinking and rotten logs are common problems that real wood homes endure. With the TruLog rustic siding, you have an option that will stand the test of time and avoid any such issues.

The cost of maintaining a real log home is high. You have resealing and repainting needed as well as restaining, the extermination of pests or insects, repair of rotted or split logs and replacing any damaged chinking. This maintenance has a high cost over time and requires time and effort. With TruLog, there is minimal maintenance, so you simply enjoy your home.


With TruLog rustic siding for homes, you have durable material. The siding is constructed of strong steel, helping to protect the home from the damage of the natural elements. The material is created from heavy gauge steel and has a dent-preventing foam backing. The siding is constructed to prevent rot as well as other moisture issues.

The steel rustic siding option only requires rinsing with water for maintenance. This frees up your time to enjoy your home, both inside and out.

When it comes to creating a rustic look for the exterior of your home, TruLog is a high quality option. Easily find a color that suits your installation needs and in no time, you will have a rustic style home to enjoy for many years to come. The material is durable and maintenance free, meaning you can spend less time worrying about the integrity of your home.

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