Is Rustic Metal Siding the Best Choice for Your Home?

During the home design process, it’s common to make a list of qualities that you value most in house siding, like durability, looks, value for money, minimal maintenance, product longevity, etc. When choosing from traditional materials, like wood and vinyl, homeowners are often forced to settle for one or two things from this list. For example, they may choose plywood for its affordability only to sacrifice durability and end up with a long list of chores, like repainting, just to maintain its appearance.

If you’re like most homeowners, you want to have it all — minimal maintenance, pristine appearance, and durability. One of the reasons homeowners are turning to metal siding is because they don’t have to pick and choose from these aspects. In fact, many homeowners have chosen metal siding over traditional materials for a wide variety of reasons. If you haven’t heard of rustic metal siding that looks just like real wood but performs better, you’re in for a real treat. 

How do you know if rustic metal siding is the right choice for your home? Take a look at some of the possibilities that rustic metal siding offers, and decide for yourself!

What is Rustic Metal Siding Most Commonly Used For?

You may be surprised to discover that TruLog rustic metal siding is used for much more than country homes and barns, though it certainly excels on those structures, too. In reality, rustic metal siding has become a go-to exterior option for many building projects, including modest homes in the suburbs, cabin-style bungalows that sit lakeside, and luxury retreat lodges in the mountains. The truth is that rustic metal siding is one of the most versatile materials to work with, and it has found a perfect place in busy neighborhoods and rural properties from coast to coast. 

Durability You Can Count On

Perhaps the most attractive feature about rustic metal siding is its exceptional strength and durability. Metal siding is specifically engineered to perform at top-quality for longer, easily surpassing traditional siding materials when put to the test.

For example, heavy rain, snow, and seasonal humidity can cause wood siding to warp, rot, and sag — not to mention becoming compromised at the seams, where it can let moisture infiltrate and do damage on the interior of the home. Metal siding is much more water-resistant since it’s completely unsusceptible to warping and rotting. In addition, wind can easily strip thin wood panels from the frame of a home during severe weather, but rustic metal siding will hold firm.

Protect Against Fires

Another reason that homeowners prefer rustic metal siding is the fact that it is so much safer in terms of fire protection. Cedar and pine are incredibly flammable, especially in dry or arid regions. As a fire-resistant material, metal siding can be much more comforting for homeowners who only use their property seasonally or who are located in remote areas far away from the nearest firehouse.

Get Used to Low-Maintenance

Unlike traditional siding options, which require regular repainting, repair, and sometimes even replacement of individual panels, rustic metal siding is extremely  low-maintenance. In general, an occasional wash down with a hose is all it takes for metal siding to maintain its original appearance, because it’s not nearly as susceptible to Sun damage and fading as its alternatives. In addition to being a huge advantage for seasonal homes that are only visited occasionally, low-maintenance steel siding is also a great option for older homeowners and retirees who aren’t looking for a laundry list of chores to take care of for their property.

Metal Siding Has Many Looks

Think steel can’t achieve the look you have in mind for your rustic oasis? Think again! Metal siding is available in such a wide selection, that you may be surprised at its vast potential. Smooth boards, log-style layouts, beams that feature a natural wood grain pattern — these are all available with TruLog steel siding, which gives homeowners an incredible range of siding styles to choose from. Whether you’ve been thinking about a modern take on board and batten or you’ve always wanted a traditional-look log cabin, it’s all achievable with steel siding. Plus, the color options are incredibly attractive and will  easily complement within many design styles.

Easy Installation

TruLog metal siding is a breeze to work with, which is why many independent home builders prefer this material when searching for an easy-to-install siding option. Other premium materials, like fiber cement, often require professional expertise during installation to keep laborers safe, but rustic metal siding that’s specifically designed for easy installation, like TruLog products, feature J-channels, making it easy to work with.

Is rustic metal siding the best choice for your home? If you value durability, low-maintenance, easy installation, and a variety of attractive styles and colors to choose from, then contact the siding experts at Trulog today and get a custom quote for your project.

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