Rustic Holiday Decor & Your Cabin

rustic decor photo We here at the Tru Log Log Cabin Blog are split when it comes to rustic design trends. Of course, we love a good rustic design spread. There’s nothing like rough wood and an open fire in a stone fireplace, after all! But when you’re paying somebody out the nose for some wooden coasters and a second-hand rug, we have to say– there’s a better way to do it!

This holiday season, think about decorating your log cabin with a few of our Tru Log Log Cabin Blog rustic decor tips. There’s no place like a log cabin to celebrate the holidays, and your log cabin can look its best with just a few quick fixes!

Rustic decor doesn’t have to be expensive!

The problem with a lot of interior decoration, is that once it gets to be desirable, people want to charge you a whole bunch of money for it. And we don’t blame them– rustic decor looks great! It’s just that a lot of the special details that make your log cabin look great don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Take garlands and wreaths, for example. You could certainly pay Pier 1 almost $70 for a wreath with lights. Or, if you’re feeling more inclined, you could get a fresher, better holiday accent for free by grabbing a few fresh pine boughs. Not only do these natural wreaths spruce up (pun definitely intended) a holiday display, but they also smell great! And, best of all, a fresh pine-bough can be had for either nothing or close to it– either source it yourself (if you have some healthy pine trees on your property) or ask your local Christmas tree farm when you’re picking up your Christmas tree if you can grab a few of the spare branches they have lying around!

Antlers are another much sought-after decoration accent. There’s nothing quite as rustic as a good set of antlers, but if you aren’t a hunter, they can be hard to track down. Think about talking to an established game-processing outfit, or the local Park Service or BLM office– a lot of organizations work with servine population management, and may be able to point you in the right direction!

No matter where you are, a rustic Christmas isn’t far away!

There are a lot of different sources for rustic decor in the small towns and main streets of the wilder part of America. Locally, the owner of Rim Frost Antiques in Fairplay, Colorado, was quoted as saying “We’re just selling things we’ve had in the barn for fifty years.” And while that may (or may not) be an exaggeration, it’s a good illustration: what we call ‘rustic decor,’ other people may just call ‘what we’ve got lying around in the old barn!’

No matter how you decorate your log cabin, we here at the Tru Log Log Cabin Blog would be irresponsible if we let you go without taking a look at our Steel Log Siding. Protecting your cabin from the winter snow and wind can make all the difference between a blue Christmas and happy holidays. Make sure you make the right call– contact us today!

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