5 Rustic Board and Batten Siding Colors For Your Home

Board and batten siding is becoming one of the most modern siding choices for homeowners across the country. Once considered a traditional, go-to layout for vertical siding, rustic board and batten siding is now receiving a lot of attention as a vintage design that has been updated with creativity and innovation in mind.

Why the renewed interest? Not only are builders enjoying board and batten siding that offer enhanced strength, but home designers are also finding refreshing new ways of presenting it in modern layouts. Homes, barns, and backyard she-sheds — board and batten is making an appearance practically everywhere. From the suburbs to the countryside, just about everyone is getting in on this renewed interest in board and batten.

A Classic Look with Cutting-Edge Materials

Rustic board and batten siding has a distinct look that homeowners love. Capturing a welcoming, attractive aesthetic, rustic board and batten siding often makes an exterior ‘feel’ like home. One of the best features of modern board and batten siding is that it is available in a variety of strong, updated materials that offer much better protection than traditional materials, like plywood.

In particular, metal wood-look siding can achieve the same beautiful and rustic appearance as cedar or pine — but with much less maintenance and a longer product lifespan. It allows homeowners to get that ‘rustic’ appearance without the weathered performance of warped, faded, or punctured wood. Plus, the color lasts!

5 Colors that Call Attention 

When it comes to coordinating the design components of your home’s exterior, it’s good to know that rustic board and batten siding can be used with many different colors. In most cases, other exterior features, like roofing, decorative trim, fascia, and architectural highlights, offer great opportunities for creating color contrast or striking a certain mood with a minimalist palette.

When deciding on a certain color for your siding, be sure to consider all of the other architectural features on the exterior, and determine how they will balance out with your siding choice. It is also important to consider what type of mood you want to achieve with your exterior design choices. Are you going for bold, eye-catching contrast that creates a unique curb appeal? Or are you going for a more rustic, cabin-style charm that feels cozy and quiet?

Rustic Board and Batten Siding Colors

Whether you’ve got your heart set on a certain look or you’re still browsing through all of the options, check out these top five colors that homeowners tend to fall in love with when exploring rustic board and batten siding designs:

1. White Farmhouse

Timeless and sophisticated, this shade of white is a hit with homeowners who like clarity of design and a classic aesthetic. Since it’s such a strong color, it’s best to pair it with other bold colors and dark hues, like black, red, and dark brown. White Farmhouse siding tends to make the most impact when paired with black roofing and trim.

2. Ponderosa Pine

Capturing the subtle, majestic wood grain pattern of natural pine, Ponderosa Pine is consistently one of the most popular color choices for homeowners set on designing rustic board and batten siding. This color captures a light honey shade of brown with thin, dark streaks, providing excellent visual texture and warmth. Ponderosa Pine is best paired with neutral colors and earthy tones, like forest green, dark brown, rust, white, and beige.

3. Dark Walnut

Another hit among homeowners, this rich shade of brown is an excellent choice for cabin-style homes and structures that seamlessly merge with their natural surroundings. One of the things that homeowners love about this hue is the authenticity of the wood grain, which shows off a rich and natural-looking texture. Dark Walnut is one of those rare siding colors that looks just as great with matching trim, doors, and roofing as it does with contrasting colors, like white.

4. Weathered Grey

Don’t be fooled by the name — Weathered Grey is anything but dull in appearance! Grey has been a huge hit in interior design for close to a decade now, but it could sometimes be difficult to integrate in outdoor settings. Weathered Grey has changed that, thanks to a beautiful balance of color and tone that looks great on rustic board and batten siding, shingle shake, and more. This color is very easy to work with since it pairs really well with white, black, and darker shades of grey.

5. Western Cedar

Not your average cedar finish, Western Cedar offers a rich, deep hue that features a reddish tone much darker than copper yet still brighter than dark brown. Western Cedar is a wonderful color to experiment with, as it looks great with traditional trim colors, like white, brown, and black, as well as surprising complementary colors, like forest green and navy blue.

Consider one of these five popular hues for your rustic board and batten siding. Each color has unique character and possibility, and the design options are virtually endless!

For a more durable board and batten solution with a wide variety of colors, look no further than Trulog Siding. Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide or contact us today to get a quote for your project.

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