Rollex Steel Siding and Another Great Option

Rollex steel siding has become the preferred choice by many homeowners for a variety of reasons.

By offering better durability, long-lasting beauty, and low-maintenance needs, Rollex steel siding is a great choice for homes and commercial buildings alike. Plus, it has a conventional style that consistently charms.

Get to know this steel siding option better, along with an alternative steel siding product that offers additional style selections.

Steel Siding Offers the Durability Needed to Last for Decades

When selecting exterior siding, it’s apparent that not all materials offer the same quality. 

Traditional options like wood come with all sorts of risks like rotting, flammability, and pest infestation. Though affordable, vinyl – a popular siding material with a plastic composition – tends to be quite fragile, and can lead to lots of upkeep to address cosmetic issues, like color fading, cracking, mildew growth, and grime. Other siding materials, like concrete, may offer the durability that homeowners are looking for, but don’t provide the aesthetics needed for today’s modern market.

Rollex steel siding is crafted to provide enhanced durability without sacrificing the design quality that’s so important to homeowners. Built with an oven-fused finish, Rollex steel siding has a natural defense against dents, dings, and scratches. It’s also designed to have tighter seams and a rigid core that resists warping and buckling – one of the biggest complaints that homeowners have with wood and vinyl siding. Plus, Rollex steel siding has long-lasting color that maintains its quality regardless of sun exposure.

Steel – a Low-Maintenance Solution for Homeowners

The durability of Rollex steel siding adds up to a fantastic finish that continues to look great year after year – without any major upkeep or tiring maintenance. This is one of the biggest reasons that builders continue to recommend Rollex steel siding for a variety of homes. After all, most homeowners aren’t looking for an exterior product that’s going to require additional chores and routine work.

Steel has the reliable strength and durability that’s often lacking in other siding materials, so it provides exceptional long-term value for property owners. With less maintenance and fewer repairs, steel siding tends to save homeowners time, money, and energy.

Rollex Steel Siding Has a Best In Class Warranty

There are a few steel siding manufacturers on the market, but there’s something that makes Rollex steel siding stand out: a Best in Class Warranty. In fact, all Rollex products come with an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty.

The advantage of this is that homeowners can buy Rollex steel siding with the utmost confidence in their purchase. Not every manufacturer is willing to back up their product with a lifetime warranty – and the fact that Rollex steel siding comes with this assurance is a great sign that the product really does provide the quality and value that it’s known for.

A Conventional Style That Looks Great

Let’s talk about the aesthetics of Rollex steel siding, too. Lots of exterior building materials boast about durability, but not all of them put enough focus on delivering that durability with an attractive finish. After all, the exterior of a home needs to have both – strength and an attractive style. Curb appeal is a huge factor when it comes to people loving the building they call home. It also plays a big role in home value, as buyers are often looking for a certain style that feels fresh and attractive.

Rollex steel siding provides a wide range of traditional and modern colors with conventional styles, like horizontal lap siding. One of the most popular styles seen in residential homes, exterior lap has a timeless quality to it that happens to work well on all sorts of architectural styles.

Rollex steel siding provides that familiarity in design, while also offering the upgraded strength of metal. You can even choose to have a natural looking wood-grain finish on your Rollex steel siding for an extra boost of character.

TruLog Provides Additional Steel Siding Styles

Horizontal lap siding looks great on most homes, but some homeowners are looking for something a little different. If you love the idea of Rollex steel siding, but aren’t so fond of the traditional lap design, there are other alternatives to think about.

TruLog is an excellent alternative to Rollex steel siding, because they also specialize in crafting gorgeous, wood-style siding products that are actually built with heavy gauge steel for optimal durability.

The concept is quite similar – take an attractive design and enhance it by crafting a durable plank with a steel core.

TruLog steel siding has a Class 4 Impact Rating and a Class A Fire Rating, in addition to the other benefits of steel, like being resistant to warping, rotting, and pests.

Rollex steel siding is a great option, however TruLog tends to offer a better selection of wood-style designs, including steel board and batten, as well as steel log siding.

An exceptional attention to detail ensures that TruLog products capture the beauty of a traditional wood finish but with the durability of a steel form.

Ready to explore some of the options? Contact TruLog today to see a range of steel siding designs!

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