Road Trip Entertainment

road trip photoVisiting a log cabin often involves a road trip.   Maybe it’s just a quick jaunt an hour or two into the mountains for an Air BnB rental or maybe it’s off to the lake and the family cabin, or maybe you are on a cross country adventure that will involve many hours in the car.  Of course, these days it’s easy to enjoy a tablet, phone or even laptop in the car, but in case you want to limit some screen time, or just interact with everyone in the car, here are a few ideas for some road trip entertainment.

Traditional Road Trip Games

Those of us old enough to remember the days before car DVD players will remember some of these road trip games.

I Spy –  pick an object out the window and have a 20 questions style guessing game.

License Plate Game – Look for license plates from every state in the union.   When I was a kid some out of town visitors played this all the way across the country, we ended up going to visit Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park (and no, we didn’t get to stay in an Estes Park Log Cabin that trip).   I found the ever elusive Hawaii license plate in the parking lot of the Alpine Visitor Center at the top of Trail Ridge Road and collected the $20 the visiting Mom had promised her kids.

The Quiet Game –  A favorite for parents, see who can be quiet the longest, although it never really lasts.

Road Trip Games for Adults

If your log cabin adventure is more of a grown-up event, there are still car games that are fun for adults.

While You Were Sleeping – Wait until one of the passengers nods off, then the rest of you come up with a story.   Discuss the details and make it as believable as possible.   Wake sleeping beauty and tell your story.  Lose a point if you break character, if a storyteller strays from the story you concocted ask “Are You Sure?” and that person is silenced and has to lose two points.  If you can convince the sleeper everyone gets three points,  whoever has the most points when you get to the destination wins.

The Singing Game –  If you watched Pitch Perfect, you may have seen this game.  One person starts singing a song, and the next person jumps in with a song that connects.   Continue until someone is stumped.

The Movie Game – Name an actor, the next person picks a movie that actor was in, the following person picks another actor from that movie, the game continues until someone is can’t continue.

The DJ Game – This is a great game that takes advantage of the ability to play music through our mobile devices.  Connect your Spotify to the car, one person picks a category, two other people pick songs that match that category.  Play each song and everyone votes on the winner.  The winner gets to chose the next category.

Road travel can be fun, especially when you are headed to visit a log cabin.  Of course, with True Log Steel Log Siding, you can enjoy the beauty of a log home right at your own house, without the need for all the road trip games.

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