Restoring Old Log Cabins With A Durable All-Weather Siding

old cabin photo One of the most common complaints with old log cabins is that they require constant, all year maintenance. Seasonal changes, in particular the rainy season and winters, can lead to extensive damage if maintenance work is not carried out in time.

Water seepage and or the effects of the freeze/thaw cycle can even lead to permanent structural damage. Furthermore, owners of log cabins or homes often need to contend with high repair costs.

This in addition to the time consuming preventive care/repair work that goes into securing log cabins against climatic and environmental factors.

Steel Log Siding Protection for Log Cabins – Why You Should Consider It

Most log cabin/home owners worry about using siding as they fear it can impair the rustic appeal of their homes. Some of these homes have a long tradition and hold a historical relevance. As is in the case with Harry and Doris Rink who own a 375-year-old Nothnagle Log House.

Built more than a century before the American Revolutionary War, the Nothnagle Log House is the oldest log cabin in America. The couple however, are worried about its upkeep once they pass away.

While your log cabin may not be as old as the Rink’s log house, if you are the owner of a log cabin, you probably share their concerns about the maintenance and upkeep as well as the need to retain the charm of a log cabin.

What you need to consider when restoring old log cabins with new log sidings first is the design. Select log sidings that are designed to retain the rustic charms of old log cabins and homes, but more importantly, they also need to provide all- weather protection.
The genuine wood look combined with minimal maintenance work, is true (pun intended) to all TruLog steel log sidings, make steel log sidings a popular choice among a large section of log cabin/home owners.

Minimal Maintenance / Maximum Durability

Stellar steel log sidings available in the market typically come in a variety of different colors to suit a wide decor range of log cabins and log homes. What sets them apart from regular timber sidings is that steel log sidings are coated with a tough paint coating.
TruLog steel log sidings for example are coated with an advanced CoolPaint Technology with infrared reflective pigments which helps in making your home more energy efficient.
Another major advantage of using steel log sidings is that they are hugely resistant to common issues such as:
 Chipping
 Fading
 Cracking
 Peeling and scratching
 Blistering
 Flaking
As mentioned earlier, maintenance with steel log sidings is minimal. Typically what happens with timber log cabins is that maintenance work needs to be performed at least every two to three years.

If the home is old and in an area with severe weather conditions such as extreme winters and rainy season, the maintenance work will need to be carried out every year or as the seasons change.

With TruLog steel log sidings, the maintenance work is under the minimal category and extremely cost-effective even in areas with the most challenging weather patterns.
If you are looking for siding material that is durable and impressive and can blend in perfectly with your environment, then you might want to consider TruLog steel sidings. Send us an email to or give us a call at 970-646-4490 today!

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