Residing a Log Cabin Shed

Residing Log Cabin Garden Shed

Residing your log cabin garden shed is an easy procedure that most cabin-owners can do as a quick DIY job. The difficult part is selecting which material to use for the residing process! In this article, we’ll detail the benefits of using select materials for residing your garden shed.

Faux Steel

Faux steel log siding, like TruLog maintenance-free woodgrain steel siding, is an excellent option because it can resemble the logs themselves. As the name suggests, this steel siding is durable and long-lasting but looks exactly like logs. Your guests won’t know the difference!

Faux Stone

Faux stone veneer panels are one option for residing your shed. These panels are generally quite durable and can deal with the elements. Plus, they’re very cost-effective. However, the appearance of faux stone may put some people off selecting this option; they can look a bit industrial, and less rustic than a general log cabin atmosphere.

Reclaimed Siding

Reclaimed siding uses reclaimed wood to create the sides of a log cabin. Reclaimed wood is, as the name suggests, wood that has been used for another purpose before it was used for your log cabin garden shed. For example, it might have been used as decking on a historic ship, then cleaned up and resold. You can quite often analyze the wood to assess what it could have previously been used for, which makes for a fantastic story!

While reclaimed siding is fascinating, it can be very expensive and difficult to maintain. If you choose this option, you have to have a passion for architecture that tells a story and be willing to maintain it regularly!

If you want the easiest siding that looks the most like the real deal, we recommend choosing TruLog’s™ Steel Siding Product, which not only looks great but is very durable and long-lasting. Download our Log Siding Buyers Guide today!

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