How to: Rent your Vacation Log Cabin

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Seems like everyone is turning their properties into short-term rentals these days.  Sites like can make it very easy to make a few extra bucks from a spare room or a vacation home.   If you do want to rent out your log home, there are a few things to think about.   These short-term rental sites are all about good reviews, so are a few tips on selecting a rental property and giving your renters the best experience possible.

Consider your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

This is very important because most of the policies purchased by homeowners usually do not cover damages done by a renter. In that case, you may have to buy an additional policy that will cover your home and its content. This policy also includes liability issues when any renter or occupant gets injured while occupying your property.

Robust Furniture and Fittings

As much as you want the renters of your home to be comfortable, you also need to understand that not everyone is careful. So, you should consider furniture and fittings that strike a good balance between, affordability and durability. What happens if your renter breaks your chair?

Durable and rugged furniture can help minimize damage from renters.  Fortunately, a log home lends itself to big, durable, oversized furniture.   Renters will enjoy the rustic look of your property and the furniture will last a long time.

Remove Valuables From Your Home

It is always good to be security conscious. So, you should remove valuables from your home. This does not mean that your renters are thieves but you can’t rule out the possibility. So, you can keep all valuables like your children’s toys and heirlooms in a safe in the apartment or remove it completely.

It’s also helpful to minimize clutter and keep the rental space easy to clean.

Repair All Faulty Appliances

The renter will assume that every appliance he sees is working. He will be disappointed with any faulty appliance he sees. What is even worse is that your tenant may try to fix a faulty appliance and make it even worse. So, ensure all appliances are in perfect condition before rental starts.

Infestation of Pests and Critters

The biggest problem with a log cabin is the infestation of critters and pests. No matter how dry logs are, you need to prevent them from termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and several other insects. Even pests like woodpeckers and field mice may still find their way into log cabins.

With steel log siding, you are free from such worries. You don’t have to look out for signs of any kind of infestation with cabins made of steel siding. Steel siding is much more eco-friendly than a log cabin. So, you are better off renting out steel siding cabins.

Durable Steel Log Siding looks great for decades with a lower maintenance cost, whereas log cabins require regular renovation and protection from all kinds of insects and pests.

Get that short-term rental setup and start making some extra money.   TruLog Steel Log Siding will give your rental home the durability and curb appeal that is perfect for renters.

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