Redwood Lap Siding: Cost, Pros & Cons, and a Better Alternative

Redwood lap siding can be a nice exterior that adds authentic character and rustic style to a home. Considered a traditional siding material, redwood lap offers a unique charm that comes with a lot of upkeep. Gorgeous and warm, yet very high maintenance, redwood lap siding has polarizing pros and cons.

Thinking about getting redwood lap siding for your home? Let’s assess cost estimates, pros and cons, and an alternative option that can make life easier.

Average Cost of Redwood Lap Siding

Redwood lap siding is made from real redwood timber. Because it is a natural resource, the market cost of this material can swing dramatically depending on supply and demand. Finding a provider committed to responsible logging can be another issue. With that said, the average cost of redwood lap siding usually breaks down to a fairly predictable range of $1-$2.50 per square foot, making it generally more expensive than pine. 

The upfront material cost may seem attractive compared to other types of siding, however the cost can jump pretty fast when you factor in labor and maintenance. Wood siding is particularly vulnerable to insects, moisture, and general wear and tear, which means that proper installation is extremely important. The cost of redwood siding with installation can fall between $2.80-$7.40 per square foot, with more detailed styles like shiplap bumping up the cost estimates even more.

Maintenance is another cost to consider with redwood lap siding. To keep it protected from the elements, regular cleaning, caulking, and touch-ups will need to be done every few years. Moisture damage and rotten panels will also require individual replacement. Though maintenance costs can be difficult to calculate, they are important to keep in mind when choosing new siding.

Redwood Siding Pros

Redwood has a distinct look to it that draws attention. Aesthetic value is clearly the most compelling strength of redwood siding. Take a look at the pros of this type of wood siding.

Beautiful Color

Redwood has a rich, earthy redness to it that looks sophisticated and rustic all at once. The color of redwood siding truly is one of its greatest strengths.

Natural Wood Grain Patterning

Redwood siding also has intricate wood grain patterns that create a dynamic-looking texture many people find attractive.

Easy to Work With

Because it is a soft wood, many builders find that redwood siding is easy to work with. Most homeowners looking to do their own building projects think that wood siding is less complicated than brick or fiber cement.

Redwood Siding Cons

There’s no doubt that redwood siding is beautiful — but that beauty comes at a cost. Redwood siding has a lot of drawbacks that make it difficult to maintain and is often disappointing for many homeowners. 

Extremely High-Maintenance

Like all types of wood siding, you can expect to have a lot of ongoing maintenance work with redwood siding. Caulking, sanding, staining, fixing damaged planks — the routine upkeep is endless with redwood siding.

Mold and Mildew Growth

Redwood siding is also prone to mildew growth. Though mildew can grow in many conditions, it is particularly common for homes that have consistent shade.

Softness Makes it Difficult to Clean

Redwood siding is relatively soft when compared to other types of wood. For this reason, it can be damaged quite easily when you’re trying to keep it clean. Power-washing can actually cause splinters of wood to tear away from the beams, leaving unsightly scrape marks and blemishes that compromise the aesthetic value of the redwood siding.

Discoloration is Common

Though redwood is known for its exceptional color, many people don’t realize that this type of exterior siding can actually be stained quite easily because it is high in elements similar to tannin. Like oak, cypress, and cedar, redwood siding is prone to iron stain, which can be a stylistic problem.

Highly Flammable

Like all wood siding, flammability is a major concern with redwood siding. Though there are products that claim to help make wood siding less flammable, the truth of the matter is that wood siding will always pose a risk to the overall fire safety of the home. 

A Better Alternative to Redwood Siding: Wood Look Steel Siding

Why deal with all the disadvantages of redwood siding when there’s a smart alternative? TruLog provides maintenance-free, wood look metal siding that captures all the beautiful elements of real wood — without the risks!

Crafted from high grade steel, TruLog siding recreates the wood grain patterns and earthy colors of natural wood, affording homeowners a durable, long-lasting option that they can count on to protect their home.

Easy to install and much more durable, TruLog is the best alternative to redwood siding. Contact TruLog today to explore gorgeous, wood-style lap siding crafted from high-quality steel.

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