9 Red Metal Siding Design Ideas

When it comes to your home’s value, its appearance counts for more than you may realize. Your home’s facade is a big part of its curb appeal; that crucial first look that people get when they view it from the street. It’s no wonder that most homeowners want their home to look its best, if for no other reason than to help it keep its value.

There are a lot of different types of siding on the market, and even more styles and colors to choose from. One material and color that’s been trending rapidly in recent months is red metal siding. Metal siding is highly durable and low maintenance, so it doesn’t require the same amount of upkeep and hassle as wood, while it holds up better to the elements (and time) than vinyl.

Metal siding is available in a full range of colors, including many shades of red. It can also be found in styles that mimic the look of wood and log siding, with rich red tones that can give your home a natural appearance and appeal that will last for many years.

Red Metal Siding Design Ideas

If you’ve been wondering how you could incorporate red metal siding into your home’s exterior, take a look at the following 9 design ideas: 

1. Red-Brown Metal Siding

Red metal siding comes in a wide range of shades, including those that verge onto brown. Red-brown siding has a rich, natural appeal as well as a lot of depth and dimension. It looks good on log-look siding, and it pairs well with other accent colors in the same family, like these chocolate brown garage doors. Depending on the setting, it can also help complement the landscaping as well. 

2. Classic Red and Green Exterior

There are many ways to create an attractive exterior for your home, and the results can range from very subtle to more dramatic in tone. For those that want the exterior to really pop and stand out, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic red and green combination.

Red and green are complementary colors, which sets off your home exterior in a really bright and eye-catching way. The red tones of this siding work well with this shade of green to create a natural look for the home.

3. Deep Redwood

It’s hard to go wrong with a classic, and that’s what this rich redwood color achieves. The deep red metal log-look siding calls to mind the color and texture of redwood logs. Natural redwood would require a lot of work over the years to maintain, but metal siding doesn’t peel, chip, fade, or darken with time, so you can keep this classic appearance for a long time.

4. Two-Tone Metal Siding Exterior

What better way to make your red siding stand out than to contrast it with a rich brown siding and garage doors? This home features two styles of metal siding as well as two colors. This adds more interest and dimension to the exterior, as well as really making the lighter red siding really stand out and get noticed. 

5. Fieldstone Accents

Red metal siding pairs well with a variety of other colors and materials. This home features fieldstone siding on the front, as well as an accent on the chimney. The light color of the stone adds some contrast to the darker siding, and helps bring out the red tones better, while also helping to pick up and highlight the roof color at the same time. 

6. Simple Red Log-Look Siding

Red metal siding is designed to give your home the look of a log cabin and can transform any architectural style into that of a log home. This property features a redwood-colored log-look siding that emphasizes the clean lines and shape of the home, while the red color is easily matched by the stain on the deck for continuity. 

7. Mix of Colors

This unique home has a lot of angles and shapes to cover. It also does a great job of mixing a lot of different colors together into one unified look. Not only does it feature red metal siding over the bulk of the exterior, it also features some dark brown accents on the columns, a green door, natural wood deck on the front, red deck in the back, and fieldstone on the perimeter and chimney. With so many details, the many colors and textures help keep the facade from becoming boring or homogeneous.

8. Long Lines

This property has a lot of long, low lines that need to be accentuated to look their best. The red metal log-look siding does a great job, adding more depth and interest than a traditional horizontal lap siding, while also bringing some rich color that helps the home stand out better from its surroundings. 

9. Cedar Red Siding

There are few tones more iconic for a home than cedar red. This home makes great use of it on log-look siding paired with white accents and a green roof. This classic color combination keeps the home light and bright, with a lot of visual appeal and interest that helps it situate well in its setting, helping to complement the landscaping. 

Update Your Home with Red Metal Siding

Metal siding is a lot lower in maintenance than wood or vinyl, and it can still give you the natural look and texture you want for your home. Choose any of these natural-looking red tones to complete the look and capture these styles for your home: 

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