6 Awesome Red Board and Batten Siding Examples

There are many ways to use red board and batten siding to create distinct styles and homes infused with character. Red board and batten siding has a rustic feel to it, but it can also be used in a contemporary way – especially when paired with other exterior design elements that make it feel modern.

Not sure how to make red board and batten siding work for your home? Take a look at some of the basic design principles that are commonly used for this style of siding. Then, check out six unique examples of homes with red board and batten siding.

Put Your Own Touch on the Place You Call Home

It wasn’t that long ago that homeowners craved a distinct, cookie-cutter style of home that fit in well with all the others on the block. You can still see some of these older neighborhoods today, where every house has the same layout, siding style, siding color, and landscaping designs. While uniformity helps builders simplify development plans, these copy-and-paste homes aren’t desirable anymore.

Not only do people want their house to stand out and look distinct, but they also want to live in neighborhoods where an individual sense of expression is apparent and valued. Thanks to fixer-upper shows and social media, homeowners are aware of so many more possibilities when it comes to interior and exterior design.

Red board and batten siding is a fantastic choice for bringing unique flair and character to your home. Not only is this siding style a classic textured choice, but board and batten can also be refreshed to feel modern when bold colors are chosen for the palette.

Take a look at six great examples of using unique design features to complement red board and batten siding. Any of these homes could be put on the market today and make a big impression!

1. White Picket Fence Border

White Picket Fence Border - Red Board and Batten Siding

While the idea of the white picket fence is synonymous with the American dream and homeownership, it isn’t seen very often anymore, meaning it’s bound to draw attention to the home. Here, the vertical beams of the picket fence mimic the lines of the red board and batten siding, while thin white trim outlines the windows and matches the fence.

2. Rustic Red and Brown

Rustic Red and Brown

Red and brown can both be used in contemporary designs, but when they’re put together, these colors communicate a very rustic feel. An excellent choice for cabins, ranch homes, and any other structure with a frontier design style, red board and batten siding with brown roofing and trim is sure to show off a distinct aesthetic.

3. Contrasting Panels

Contrasting Panels

This home distributes color in a balanced way by putting white board and batten along some of the exterior sections to highlight the architectural features of the home. Notice how the same white hue is used for the trim and porch columns to complete the look and create classic color contrast with the red board and batten siding.

4. Dark Scalloped Roofing

Dark Scalloped Roofing

Roofing can also play a big role in creating character for a home with red board and batten siding. Here, this exterior design features a dark gray roofing style with a scalloped shape that boosts the overall visual texture of the home. The finished look is sophisticated, mature, and welcoming.

5. Thick White Trim

Thick White Trim

Most homes have fairly thin trim along the windows. Using a thicker style of trim can be a thoughtful design choice that fits very well with red board and batten siding in a wide cut. White trim is very good at emphasizing the architecture and providing bold color contrast that feels crisp and modern.

6. Colonial Aesthetic

Colonial Aesthetic - Red Board and Batten Siding

Revered for their symmetry and balance, colonial homes can benefit from additional texture, which makes the red board and batten siding a fantastic choice here. The vertical lines add dimension without distracting from or conflicting with the rigid architectural layout. Black shutters dress up the windows to add a colloquial charm to this home.

Durable Board and Batten that’s a Dream to Design With

Red board and batten siding built from natural timber can lead to serious problems down the line. Wood requires an incessant amount of upkeep to maintain its original appearance. What if you really love the look of natural wood grain?

TruLog offers a smart and easy solution. Crafted from heavy-duty steel, TruLog’s red board and batten siding is built to last season after season with little to no maintenance. It is intentionally designed to mimic the look of red cedar, so it has beautiful wood grain patterns and a textured surface to achieve an authentic look.
Contact TruLog to explore red board and batten siding that’s built to look just like cedar – but last so much longer!

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