Consider Red Cedar Board and Batten Siding: A Traditional Color with a Modern Design

Houses, for the longest time, were very cookie-cutter: plain solid gray siding, white trim, and a black asphalt roof. But now, that cookie-cutter trend is beginning to disappear. More people are looking for ways to make their houses stand out from the rest. One of the most popular ways to help make your home stand out is with siding that provides a pop of color. A great new siding option to consider is red cedar board and batten siding from TruLog. This steel siding is incredibly durable and comes in different color options, including a beautiful and versatile Red Cedar color.

The Perfect Shade

Normally, when you hear about red siding for homes, you probably think that bright, barnyard red. While a fun color, it can be pretty intimidating, especially if you are testing the waters with color. The Red Cedar color of TruLog’s red board and batten siding is the perfect shade of red: not too bright, but also not dull. Instead, it is more of a reddish-brown, wood-textured siding, which, while different, is still nothing too extreme. So, when you are looking to only make a small change to your home’s exterior, the Red Cedar siding is a perfect color option.

A Neutral Red

It may sound odd to call red a neutral color, but TruLog’s Red Cedar red board and batten siding can easily pass as a more neutral-toned color. While it is not a white or shade of gray like you would normally think of when it comes to neutral home colors, the hints of brown mixed with the red give it a more neutral look that you can easily match any style or additional color options. You also will not have to worry about the color fading or changing over time, as the steel is painted using a special fade-resistant paint.

A Color for Virtually Anywhere

Some home colors make more sense in specific regions, but TruLog’s Red Cedar color could seemingly work anywhere. If you live in the northern region of the country, it will look stunning against forested areas, especially in the fall. This Red siding option could also look good in areas where log cabin style homes are common. It could also work well in the South and Midwest, where country-style homes are incredibly popular. Regardless of where you live, the Red Cedar of TruLog’s siding is a perfect, versatile option.

An Added Textural Element

The Red Cedar color of the red cedar board and batten siding is actually enhanced by the texture of the siding overall. It has a wood-like grain, which also adds to the uniqueness of the siding. While the grain helps enhance the Red, it also keeps it soft and more neutral, which maintains its versatility. Even though it has a wood-like appearance, it does not feel overly country or rustic. So, regardless of the style of your home—be it rustic, modern, mid-century, or cottage style—it will be able to match and blend incredibly well.

Giving your home its own unique look is becoming more popular design choice with homeowners everywhere. While there are countless ways to do this to the interior, the exterior is mostly limited to siding options. If you want your home’s exterior to stand out, but not change too drastically, TruLog’s Red Cedar red board and batten siding is a great option. It is the perfect shade of red to give your home a special look, without it being overwhelming. If you want to update your home’s look beyond classic siding color options, consider TruLog’s new Red Cedar red board and batten siding.

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