Recipes for Christmas Day

Are you spending Christmas in your cabin in the mountains this year? Wondering how to cook a Christmas dinner without a full kitchen, like you’re used to back home?

We’ve made it easier for you with this blog post. We’ve put together some ideas for Christmas dinner in the mountains!

Starter – cheese board

Cheese boards and Christmas go together hand in hand. They are also a fantastic component to a cabin dinner, because they need minimal preparation.

Simply cut up some cheese, add crackers, grapes and olives and you’ve got a delicious cheese board. Bonus points if you use local cheese!

Main course – simplified roast dinner

You probably aren’t going to want to cook a full turkey in your cabin in the mountains on Christmas day. You’ll probably be wanting to enjoy the great outdoors instead!

So, you could do a simplified roast dinner instead. You can make roast potatoes in less than one hour and add any boiled, steamed or roasted veg. For the meat, you could just fry some lamb chops or steak, or cook a smaller chicken. Alternatively, have a vegetarian Christmas dinner and cook a nut loaf!

Dessert – crumble

Christmas puddings can take a long time to prepare. While you could cook one in advance and take it with you to the mountains, our recommendation is a simple crumble.

You can have a base of any kind of fruit – apples and berries work well in winter – and then top it either with an oat and butter mix, or make a pastry with flour.

Serve it with cold ice cream for a hot/ cold combination or piping hot custard for a lovely warming dessert!

This menu may be a little more simplified, but it will enable you to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains without spending all of your time cooking on Christmas day!

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