Reasons to stay in a Winter Cabin

A log cabin? In winter? Your vacation destination in the cooler months may be somewhere a little more tropical, but there are lots of reasons why a cabin vacation is wonderful at this time of year.

It’s ideal for Christmas

Let’s face it, warm Christmas is never the same, is it? However, there is something special about decorating a rustic log cabin in the cold, as snow is falling around you.

On Christmas Day, you’ll be cozy by the fire and will be able to spend a wonderful family day in a chilly but homely destination.

Do snowsports

Many cabins are in the mountains, which makes them ideal for snowsports.

Whether you want to practice skiing or try your hand at snowboarding, there are plenty of cabins all over the country that are right by the slopes!

Some even have ski-in facilities, meaning that you can ski all the way back to your front door!

That sounds like a vacation to remember…

Enjoy all the seasons

So many of us spend winter wishing for summer without appreciating what is right in front of us.

In fact, winter has a unique charm – and while it might not seem that way when you’re sitting in an office in the city, a log cabin vacation will show you that.

Think beautiful nature covered in a blanket of snow, hot chocolate or mulled wine by the fire, and decorating the cabin for Christmas.

You’ll enjoy the season’s best on your cabin vacation!

Ideal for families

Kids seem to have endless energy, and they will love the freedom of a cabin in winter.

Whether they are building snowmen or having snowball fights, you’ll be able to watch them from the comfort of the terrace, hot drink in hand!

As you can see, there are so many reasons to stay in a cabin in winter. Although they are most popular in the summertime, the winter is lovely too!

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