7 Design Ideas for a Ranch-Style Log Home

The beauty behind ranch-style log homes is that there are many creative ways to make the space look and feel unique on the outside. At first, modifying ranch log home floor plans may seem daunting, but it can introduce additional design options for homeowners and builders looking for fresh ideas and everyday practicality.

For those who aren’t keen on overhauling already solid ranch log home floor plans, there are still many options for modifying the exterior siding to achieve different aesthetics. From color swaps to positional changes to accent features and beyond, there are many ways to alter the exterior siding so that it emphasizes the unique architectural features of a ranch-style log cabin.

Ranch-Style Log Home Design Ideas

Explore these seven design ideas for ranch-style log home plans and discover how architecture, siding color, and siding type can all influence the curb appeal and comfort of a ranch-style cabin:

1. Ranch-Style Cabin with Horizontal Log-Style Siding

Regarded as one of the most conventional siding styles for ranch-style log homes, horizontal log-style beams in a deep brown color convey a classic cabin look. Cedar, pine, and walnut are among the most popular choices for ranch-style cabins because they have a richness in color that makes the home feel warm, inviting, and safe. Gently rounded log-style beams emphasize the source of the design inspiration and further evoke a log cabin aesthetic that feels and looks iconic.

2. Monitor Barn Architecture with Vertical Board and Batten

Log ranch house plans that feature a raised gable at center, often referred to as the monitor barn architectural style, can look particularly chic with vertical board and batten siding. Instead of separating the space and visually dividing the layout with separate siding or trim, board and batten siding allows the eye to naturally flow upwards into the raised space at the center of the home. This creates a seamlessness that strengthens the look of the home from the outside.

3. Horizontal Lap with Pronounced Wood Grain

Another approach to outfitting ranch-style log homes is to go with a fairly simple siding layout that emphasizes texture. For example, a horizontal lap composition immediately looks more interesting when the wood grain patterning is emphasized and easy to see. Light colors, like ponderosa pine and sable, are wonderful choices for allowing the wood grain patterning to shine. This design strategy works on even simple ranch-style log cabins with minimal architectural complexities.

4. Ranch-Style Cabin and Garage with Coordinated Color

Ranch-style log homes that feature a detached garage can strongly benefit from coordinated color. Regardless of architectural style or siding material, featuring the same color on both structures can help tie these buildings together visually, creating a cohesive look for the entire property.

5. Black and White Color Contrast

Color contrast is always a fun way to create a distinct look for a home. White siding has become increasingly popular for ranch-style cabins. Pairing crisp white siding with a black roof and black trim can look incredibly chic. Due to its polished yet unfussy appearance, this particular color combination is one of the most common design strategies within the modern farmhouse aesthetic, making it a great choice for log cabin ranch-style homes.

6. Angled Home and Garage with Connector

For an unconventional ranch log home floor plan, consider bridging the main space with the garage via a connector. Not only is this a practical design that allows easy access to vehicles, it also adds a unique feel to the home’s exterior look. Slightly angling the home and garage toward each other can boost privacy by shaping a small enclave in the yard.

7. Log Cabin with Emphasized Stonework and Window Features

Most log cabin ranch-style homes embrace an obvious link with nature. Integrating additional features, like stonework or large windows for natural light, can boost the home’s character and lean into the outdoor aesthetic. When selecting stones, be sure to include color tones that mesh well with the color of the siding.

Siding that Will Beautify Ranch-Style Cabins the Best

Once homeowners have decided on the style they like best, it’s important to recognize that not all siding materials perform the same. To build a ranch-style cabin that will maintain its allure with minimal maintenance, it’s best to go with a more durable log-style siding option, like TruLog. Built from heavy-duty steel but displaying the natural beauty of real wood, TruLog siding can ensure homeowners enjoy the gorgeous look they dream of for their ranch-style log homes without all the expensive upkeep that’s necessary with natural wood. Explore TruLog siding options that are perfect for ranch-style cabins.

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