7 Fantastic Siding Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

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If you’re interested in designing or refurbishing the exterior of a house with a classic ranch layout, then you’ll be happy to know that the siding ideas for ranch style homes are numerous. While they are seemingly simplistic in structure, ranch homes provide all the substantial design elements critical to a foundation that is ready to take on unique flair. By providing a streamlined foundation, ranch style homes leave a generous amount of opportunity for you to integrate your own unique exterior preferences.

Ranch style homes typically feature asymmetrical floor plans, meaning they may take on a ‘U’ or ‘L’ shape layout. Low to the ground with a horizontal façade parallel to the street, ranch homes tend to blend fantastically to their surrounding landscape, presenting as a vital piece of the environment. Likewise, the ornamental embellishments of ranch homes are generally quite modest, boosting the overall down-to-earth feel of the classic ranch home of the frontier.

Before you settle on a common option like vinyl siding, you should know that there are many material siding ideas for ranch style homes available. Traditional vinyl siding is definitely an option, but so is wood, which carries an elevated stylistic reminder of the frontier-inspired ranch home. And if durability is a top priority, invest in steel siding, which provides the best defense against the elements while imitating the appearance of wood.

Steel siding is, hands-down, the best siding option for a ranch style home that needs to optimize aesthetics and practicality. Need a few ideas to generate inspiration? Check out these 7 siding ideas for ranch style homes, and kick start your own design plans.

1. Jutted Log Edges

Provide a cabin-style twist on your ranch home by integrating jutted log siding that creates visual edges similar to that of a cabin in the woods. This creative approach results in a hybrid aesthetic that appeals to rustic cabin feels without losing the classic modesty and earthy design features of the ranch home.

2. Logs Set on Stone Foundation

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Here’s an idea to combine two impressive materials that gain even more stature when set together: log and stone. With a captivating stone foundation, the log siding is presented with thoughtful, earthbound elements that heighten its appeal. Remember, you’re not restricted to wood—you can use steel log siding to achieve this look, too.

3. Smooth Finish Siding to Highlight Window Features

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When dreaming up siding ideas for ranch style homes, sometimes it can be advantageous to start with an inventory of unique architectural features that are already present. For example, if your ranch home has unique window units or other eye-catching details, work with these elements to showcase the special attributes of the ranch home.

One way that siding can help do this is by creating a smooth base that allows those elements to dazzle. Consider going with a muted palette and a structured, smooth layout of horizontal siding with clean edges. This technique can create the perfect chemistry of design for your ranch home.

4. Rustic Wood Grain Accent

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Because ranch style homes were inspired by the frontier and great American west, you can never go wrong by playing up the rustic look of wood grain. For a more contemporary approach, steer away from an all-over wood grain medley. Instead, use natural wood grain as accents to the siding, such as around window sills and the entryway, as the front door, and as porch posts.

5. Long Horizontal Planks For Visual Effect

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Some siding ideas for ranch style homes can actually create a visual effect of making the home look larger in size. Use long, horizontal planks to achieve this technique, and it will create a streamlined silhouette of your ranch home, making it appear a bit longer in layout.

6. Perpendicular Roof Paneling

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Who said everything has to be parallel? For a fun twist, align horizontal siding perpendicular to vertical roofing slats for a fresh, barn-style spin on the contemporary ranch home. Try using two different widths of slats for roofing and siding to create a measured visual balance.

7. Bold Color Contrast

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Experiment with color variations as a final siding idea for ranch style homes. Even steel log siding is available in a plethora of vibrant color hues, so you can play with the options. Try going with a bold color that will contrast with the garage, entryway door, or roof palette that you have picked out.

When it comes to designing your ranch style home, you’ve got great options! There are an abundant source of siding ideas for ranch style homes. Use this guide, and get inspired to see what you can come up with.

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