Questions About Steel Log Siding

How should I care for my TruLog™ steel log siding?
TruLog™ siding requires very little care, in fact we consider it maintenance free. On a regular basis, washing the siding with water from your garden hose works perfectly. Use a jet spray to direct the water forcefully at your siding, and the dirt should slide off easily.

log-siding-crossection-view-products Does TruLog™ siding have insulating properties?
Each piece of siding contains a contoured foam backer that insulates your home and makes it more energy efficient. This foam backer adds a higher insulation R-value (roughly 1-2 R-value) to your home.

Can I paint my TruLog™ siding?
One of the great advantages of TruLog™ siding is that you don’t need to paint it to keep it looking new. Unlike vinyl log siding, TruLog™ steel log siding will last many years without the color fading. However, TruLog™ siding accepts paint as easily as any other piece of steel siding. A paint professional will help you pick the right type of paint for your home.

What colors are available?
TruLog comes available in four earthy colors: sable, canyon red, autumn brown and cedar. You can view an online representation of these four colors on our product page, but for a true example of the available colors, ask us for a sample!

Is TruLog™ siding durable?
TruLog™ is made from 28 gauge steel, backed by foam that supports the steel making it more rigid and not easily dented. Your TruLog™ siding is designed to withstand exposure to freezing water, high wind, sun and hail, and is considerably more durable than many vinyl siding options.

How long does TruLog™ siding last?
TruLog™ is designed to last the lifetime of your home, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, that includes a 30 year chalk and fade warranty.

I’m thinking about ordering TruLog™ siding for my home. What now?
Contact us for a free estimate! With a 50% deposit, we’ll manufacture your order and ship it directly to your location, so you’ll get the best possible price. It takes 4 to 5 weeks for us to manufacture the siding then ship it to your home from the time your order is placed.

What is the best way to install TruLog™?
Installation is simple. For this step, contact a local siding installer, contractor or even a capable handy man. We’ll provide instructions and an installation video to walk you through the process. Just about anyone can install our siding!

How long does it take to install TruLog™ siding?
Depending on the size of your house, the experience of the workers completing the installation, and the size of the team doing the work, installing TruLog™ siding can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Contact us if you have any other questions we don’t address by filling out a contact form or interacting with us on our Facebook page!

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TruLog Product Catalog

TruLog Product Catalog

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