PVC Lap Siding: Cost, Pros & Cons, and a Better Alternative

Just about everyone understands the value of replacing real wood siding with more modern materials these days. Natural wood requires tons of upkeep and can accrue unsightly damage fairly easily, and modern building materials provide better strength and weather resistance so that the exterior lasts longer.

PVC lap siding is one of the many modern materials that recreates the look of natural wood siding but with a stronger defense. Since PVC lap siding is fairly new to the market, it’s important to get a good understanding of the pros and cons of this material and compare it with similar alternatives.

Let’s take a look at the qualities and costs of PVC lap siding, as well as a better alternative that can offer long-lasting protection for the home’s exterior.

PVC Lap Siding Composition and Cost

PVC has been used for piping, insulation, and other construction components for years, but homeowners are now becoming more familiar with this material in another role: exterior siding. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and – as the name suggests – this manufactured product is actually a composite plastic.

Because of its controlled fabrication process, PVC lap siding can be made with lots of different styles and surface appearances, including a wood-inspired look. PVC lap siding offers unique advantages that natural resources like wood can’t, so homeowners who like the style of wood siding are looking for modern materials, like PVC lap siding, that can recreate that particular aesthetic. PVC lap siding is just one of many modern materials that is made to look like wood, so it’s important to shop around and find the best option for PVC lap siding.

With that said, ballpark estimates for PVC lap siding fall at around $12.50 per square foot – a hefty price tag compared to other siding options. Of course, the final cost can vary depending on the particular style of PVC lap siding selected. You’ll also want to factor in labor and installation costs, as well as the removal of old siding, which can be costly. 

Pros and Cons of PVC Lap Siding

When it comes to purchasing the right siding, homeowners should weigh several factors into their decision. 


While the cost is generally considered a drawback, PVC lap siding does have several advantages. Take a look at the pros of PVC lap siding:

The cost of this PVC lap siding is quite high compared to other exterior siding options, but perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of pricing PVC lap siding is that it is difficult to get a clear-cut answer on how much you can expect to pay. PVC lap siding manufacturers aren’t always transparent on how much the material costs, which makes it difficult to factor into a project budget.


PVC lap siding is nowhere near as susceptible to moisture damage as natural wood, which is prone to rot and weaken with long-term exposure to the elements.


Termites, wasps, carpenter ants, and rodents love to consider natural wood siding as an ideal place to nest. Because of its manmade composition, PVC lap siding does not have that same appeal!


PVC lap siding is generally considered a low-maintenance material because it does not need the same upkeep as real wood.


PVC lap siding is not as flammable as wood, which plays a significant role in fire safety.

Good R-Value

Though precise numbers are unclear, the R-value of PVC lap siding is estimated to fall between .80 to 1.25, making it fairly good.


Unfortunately, PVC lap siding is far from perfect. In reality, there are other products that have the same advantages, but without the major drawbacks of PVC lap siding, which are elevated cost and an overall lack of information about the product.

High Cost

PVC lap siding is considered an expensive exterior material when compared to other products that offer similar advantages and styles.

Lack of General Warranty Information

With many manufacturers, finding detailed information about PVC lap siding – including the warranty information – can be extremely challenging, meaning homeowners aren’t always able to be properly informed prior to purchasing this siding material.

Best Alternative: TruLog Metal Lap Siding

If you like all the advantages of PVC lap siding, it’s worth considering an even better option on the market. TruLog siding provides enhanced strength, wood-style aesthetics, and a Class A Fire Rating.

Designed to be maintenance-free, TruLog siding features a steel core that makes it extremely long-lasting. Plus, the warranty information on this product is crystal-clear! TruLog lap siding comes with a 30-year warranty to give their customers peace of mind.

With all of these advantages, TruLog siding soars above PVC lap siding in terms of value, strength, and product longevity, making it a fantastic alternative. Contact TruLog today to explore a wide range of gorgeous lap products that resemble natural wood.

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