Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture Year-Round

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Living out in a cabin has its perks. One of the big ones is being able to spend more time outside without the bustle of a city. Your porch becomes an extension of your cabin when it’s warm enough. However, protecting your outdoor investment in your patio furniture year-round is a necessity to ensure it stays beautiful.


Various products can be used to protect your outdoor furniture year-round. Whether your
furniture is wood, metal, fabric, or plastic, there’s a way to protect it from spring showers and
other events.

Wood presents several different options for sealing. Among those are varnishes, paints, and oils.
Both paint and varnishes will need spot updates after the first coat. Oiling, on the other hand,
requires several applications to get the right color the first year and may need reapplication
every year after that.

When metal furniture arrives, it is typically already sealed. This makes maintenance easier
initially. However, when the finish starts chipping, the underlying metal will begin to rust. It’s
essential to remove the rust and reseal the furniture.

The fabric is a little trickier to keep water resistance on. Some pillows start off resistant on
account of the material making them up. Other cushions will need spray treatments before the
first rain shower. Most hardware stores carry sprays for water resistance.

Applying sealing products to outdoor furniture takes a bit of planning. Most sealants need at least
two days of dry weather to settle correctly. They also require low humidity if possible. In many
climates, these conditions are more readily available in fall than in spring.


You enjoy your patio, but eventually, the seasons change. Your patio furniture isn’t much good
under a foot of snow. Instead of leaving the furniture out exposed, covers help preserve it. These
days covers come in all shapes and fits. They’ve become so commonplace, you could use them
for protecting your outdoor furniture between uses instead of just between seasons.

When you’re looking for covers, you’ll want something water resistant. Since the cover will be
outside, a durable choice is warranted. You could even have covers that match the exterior of
your home. That way protecting your outdoor furniture year-round is stylish and practical.


There are a lot of storage options for patio furniture. In the interest of protecting your outdoor
furniture year-round, sometimes the furniture must move. The easiest way is to cover the
furniture and push it against your cabin for the winter. This works exceptionally well if you have
a covered patio.

Another possibility is to add a shed for storage of your patio furniture. While this may take up
yard space, your furniture will be safe. Garages and basements are other possibilities for storage.
The last option is to bring the furniture into your living room if you have space.


As with most items, regular cleaning can extend the life of your patio furniture. Metal and plastic
require routine cleaning to avoid structural failure. Metal must have the rust sanded off routinely,
especially before you repaint. Plastic too needs buildup removed, or it may eventually eat
through. Fabric need brushing and rotation to ensure best appearance. Regardless of the material,
clean items before storing.

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