Pros and Cons of Patios and Decks


One of the main reasons people invest in a cabin is to enjoy the great outdoors in all its glory. That means you probably want an outdoor area where you can hang out and relax with your friend and family. Your options come down to two main ones: a patio or a deck. Here’s some info about the pros and cons of each type of outdoor space.

Pros and cons of patios

Patios require a flat surface, so depending on how your cabin sits, it might be out of the question for you. If you do have a nice flat surface where you could build a patio, here are some reasons you might want to get one instead of a deck:

Benefits of patios

Less expensive than decks

If your budget is tight, then a patio might be your better bet since they tend to be cheaper to install than decks. They’re usually filled in with concrete, which costs a lot less than wood.


Easy to maintain

You don’t need to seal your patio, the way that you do a deck. When it gets dirty, just hose it off.



Since they’re low to the ground, patios can offer more privacy than decks. This is especially important if you have neighbors close by and don’t have a privacy fence.

Disadvantages of patios

Easier to stain

If you let a spill sit on your patio for a long time, then your patio could get stained. Make sure to wash it off when you notice that something has spilled on it to minimize staining.


Only works on flat terrain

Patios really only work on flat land. If your cabin sits on a hill or rocky terrain, you might not be able to get a patio that’s flush to the ground without paying a significant cost.


Installation time can be long

It can take longer to install a patio than a deck, depending on your situation. If your cabin is in an area that requires ground movement and reinforcement, expect it to take awhile to get your patio in.


Pros and cons of decks

Decks can be more versatile than patios and have lots of customization’s. However, they don’t make sense for all homes.

Advantages of decks

Provides a better view

Since you can build decks high above the ground, they can give you a great view of your surroundings.


Increase your resale value

On average, a wooden deck can increase the resale value. There’s as much as a 75 percent ROI for a wooden deck, compared with just a 55 percent ROI for a patio.


Better for hotter climates

Wooden decks generally absorb and retain less heat than concrete patios, making them ideal if your cabin is somewhere that sees hot temperatures.

Disadvantages of decks

More work to maintain

You’ll have to stain and seal your deck at least every few years, and you should pressure wash it at least once every year. If you prefer to be more hands-off with maintenance around your cabin, a patio might be a better option.


Some permits required

Some cities and states require permits for decks, but not for patios. If a permit is required, then you’ll incur additional costs plus additional time on to the completion of your project.


Costlier than patios

Decks generally cost more than patios, especially once you start choosing the wood and adding on customizable features. If you have the budget, though, decks give you a better ROI than patios and can be more pleasant to use.


No matter your situation, adding a deck or patio to your cabin will give your family and friends a nice outdoor living space to gather, eat, and just enjoy being outdoors.






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