Prevent Cabin Wood From Cracking

If you own a cabin, one of the biggest worries that you may have could be to prevent your cabin wood from cracking. Wood is more challenging to maintain than other materials that your house might be made of, so how do you ensure that it stays sturdy and robust? We’ve put together some of our best tips in this blog post!

Stop it from drying out

One of the main reasons for cracking is the wood drying out. So here are some steps to stop it from drying out:

Seal the wood

Sealing the wood should stop it from coming into contact with air at the end. This can prevent air from getting into the wood and stop it from drying out. To seal the wood, use a special commercial sealant like anchorseal.

Try paintable wax

Paintable wax is another valuable tool to stop your wood from drying out. You can actually make this yourself by breaking and melting wax candles. Like anchorseal, this type of wax will prevent air from getting into your logs and subsequently drying them out.

Linseed oil

You can apply boiled linseed oil to freshly sanded wood to prevent it from cracking. Just sand your wood, apply a coat and wait for it to dry. However, once you have done this, you should not expose your wood to direct sunlight.

What happens if the wood does crack?

‘Checks’ appear when your dried-out wood cracks. They aren’t usually anything to worry about, but they might affect the aesthetics of your cabin. These checks could be caused by dry rot, so if you experience them, it’s recommended to call a specialist to deal with them.

If you notice any vertical checks, it’s important to fix them as soon as possible, as they could damage the structure of your cabin.

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