The 5 Best Prefinished Steel Board and Batten Siding Color Options

The 5 Best Prefinished Board and Batten Siding Option

Believe it or not, there are no compromises when it comes to selecting prefinished steel board and batten siding. Known for its superior strength and longevity, steel siding also excels at expressing the beauty of natural wood. Exquisite color palettes and woodgrain patterns make prefinished steel board and batten siding an easy choice.

Not sure which color of prefinished steel siding is right for your home? Take a look at some of the beautiful choices out there and find your ideal style. No matter what color you choose, you can count on prefinished steel board and batten siding to deliver an outstanding performance year after year.

Board and Batten 101

Board and batten siding has long been considered a traditional siding option. Widely used in almost every region of the country, board and batten expresses charming texture and a linear layout. Boards are positioned vertically with thin battens bringing additional dimension along the vertical seams.

The result? A simple yet interesting appearance that generates charm and character regardless of architectural style. Due to its versatility, board and batten siding works well on a wide range of homes, and it’s a popular exterior choice for new builds and renovations alike.

Common Issues with Traditional Wood

Historically, board and batten was built with natural wood. In decades past, timber was considered an accessible material, and it was easy to source and work with. Many people built their homes with wood beams cut at the local sawmill. As the architectural landscape has changed and new materials have become available, there has been a significant shift away from materials like wood. Why? Wood is simply a riskier, more damage-prone material.

For one, wood is incredibly vulnerable to moisture damage. Wet weather and general humidity can wreak havoc on natural wood because it tends to absorb the dampness. This eventually weakens the integrity of wood beams and causes them to rot or soften.

Wood siding can also be disfigured by sun exposure and changes in temperature. These elements can cause wood siding to crack, swell, buckle, blister, and fade in color. 

Anyone working with wood already knows this, which is why homeowners are usually prepared for a ton of maintenance to keep the exterior in good condition. Painting, staining, caulking, and replacing damaged panels is a given when it comes to wood siding.

A Modern Solution: Prefinished Steel Board and Batten 

The solution for all these issues? Avoid them in the first place! By switching to prefinished steel board and batten siding, homeowners can essentially eliminate many of the common deterioration issues that come with wood.

Prefinished steel board and batten siding is simply stronger and better prepared to face the elements — especially when it comes to moisture and weather resistance. In fact, TruLog steel board and batten panels are built with a Class A Fire Rating and a Class 4 Impact Rating, which can help the exterior maintain its strength and aesthetic beauty. Simply put, prefinished steel is a longer-lasting, more durable material than wood.

In addition to enhanced strength, prefinished steel board and batten siding is crafted with exceptional color quality that is designed to stay consistent. Unlike wood, which typically fades with prolonged sun exposure, prefinished steel can maintain its original appearance for years without any effort at all.

Traditional Wood Aesthetics Achieved with Steel

When choosing prefinished steel board and batten siding, it’s important to recognize the attention to detail that goes into each color and woodgrain design. Though it’s hard to believe at first, well-designed steel siding really can recreate the beauty of real wood.

Take a look at five of the prefinished steel siding options available from TruLog:

1. HD Weathered Gray Woodgrain

HD Weathered Gray Woodgrain - Prefinished Board and Batten Siding

It usually takes years to get this beautifully seasoned look out of real gray birch — hoping the wood doesn’t become damaged in the meantime. Prefinished board and batten steel makes gorgeous gray color instantly achievable and designed to last.

2. HD Ponderosa Pine Woodgrain

HD Ponderosa Pine Woodgrain

Ponderosa Pine is a consistent favorite for its bright tone and classic look. The woodgrain pattern has been closely recreated in our prefinished board and batten steel so that it expresses the same iconic charm of pine — but with the benefits of steel.

3. HD Western Cedar Woodgrain

HD Western Cedar Woodgrain

A rich reddish-brown tone, western cedar is a great choice for homeowners who prefer a darker palette. Notice how the dark brown woodgrain pattern brings additional dimension to the design to create an authentic look.

4. HD Dark Walnut Woodgrain

HD Dark Walnut Woodgrain

For those who like an even darker shade of brown, walnut is a solid choice. Due to its deep shade, the woodgrain pattern appears more subtle than Ponderosa Pine or Weathered Gray. A closer look reveals that the pattern is present throughout, bringing a very real authenticity to the prefinished board and batten siding.

5. Modern Farmhouse White

Modern Farmhouse White

Homebuyers continue to flock to farmhouse-chic facades like white board and batten. The gentle wood-style texture brings subtle dimension to the steel siding for a gorgeous finished look.

TruLog offers a wide range of prefinished board and batten siding styles. Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide today to explore the beauty and benefits of steel siding!

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