The Most Popular Siding Colors of 2023

White frame gutter guard system, with dark gray horizontal vinyl siding. White accents, fascia, soffit, on a pitched roof attic. A luxury American single family home dramatic colorful sunset sky.

When you’re ready to undertake an exterior home renovation project, one question will inevitably come up. Keep the color the same, or change it up?

Your home’s facade is the single most important element in driving curb appeal. As such, it’s important to ensure you are picking striking and contemporary color schemes for your home. Pick something old-fashioned, and the impact of your renovation is all but diminished.

Board and batten siding colours can be as broad and trendy as a homeowner is willing to get. So, what are popular exterior board and batten siding colors that you should consider? Join us as we break down seven of them.

7. All-Black

Black is not just for the Addams Family manse any longer. While not for everyone, all-black board and batten color schemes surely make for a homeowner’s statement piece.

Imagine the enveloping quality of an all-black house that promises exquisite taste both inside and out. Or consider the contrast of ultra-modern black board and batten color schemes against the historic charm of an antique home.

6. Verdant Greens

Green has always come in and out of trend. But while our closets seem to fall in and out of love with green, our houses are a safer bet. Consider:

  • Pale greens, which can carry different vibes depending on light exposure, or
  • Vibrant greens, which can enhance the greenery planted throughout your yard.

5. Medium Blue

Medium blue can mean a lot of different hues, depending on who you ask. But blues, from azure to cornflower to even the purplish hues, continue to dominate our modern aesthetics.

4. Light Brown

Latte? Mushroom? Better Homes and Gardens refers to this hue as an “earthy neutral”. But call it what you will, light brown is popular when it comes to board and batten color schemes.

Too dark, and you risk your house trending into drab territory. But a light brown carries rustic charm and an organic warmth without any of the muddy hang ups.

3. Light Gray

The seaside has inspired the masses, with coastal light grays ranking atop many exterior color trends for 2023. You might see light gray, battleship gray, or overcast hues on any number of home styles. Grays also offer subtle underhues of everything from blues to blacks. So pairing gray board and batten colors with your trim, shutter, or even door color is a breeze.

2. White

You simply can’t go wrong with crisp. Imagine everything from the workaday charm of farmhouse-style aesthetic to the rustic impact of a high contrast rustic cabin. White farmhouse board and batten siding even works well as your metal board and batten siding colors, due to the way it can be applied.

The possibilities for this pure, versatile hue are nearly endless. This is why white continues to rank high on stylists’ trend lists for board and batten color schemes.

1. Off-white/Cream

This classic was the number one pick on a recent homeowner survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors. It’s simple without being boring and amenable enough to allow for a veritable rainbow of accent hues.

Cream has an amazing ability to reflect light while simultaneously serving as a backdrop for secondary colors that appear beside it. If you have unique embellishments, a lush planted garden, or other pops of color around your property, cream and off-white board and batten siding colors are a great way to show them off.

When it comes to siding colors, it would seem neutral continues to reign supreme.

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