A Look at the Best Pole Barn Siding Options

Pole barns are among the most traditional building structures, and they have been used from coast to coast for centuries. Though pole barn building techniques are considered traditional, much of the details have advanced to keep up with the modern era, both in terms of style and performance. Naturally, there are many pole barn siding options on the market today.

While most pole barn siding options are built to fit a natural, outdoorsy aesthetic, modern, on-trend styles and colors are becoming more popular for pole barn siding, too. After all, not all pole barns are being used for simple storage of farm equipment or hay. Nowadays, these structures fulfill a variety of needs, including garage space, workshops, and even primary living quarters. Thus, pole barn siding options have evolved to keep up with the needs of modern living.

When considering pole barn siding options, style will surely be a priority, and most builders won’t have any issue finding an exterior aesthetic that fits their needs. However, durability, longevity, and strength against the elements are also elements that should be prioritized in the selection process.

Not sure which pole barn siding options are best for your structure? Explore the top exterior options and decide which pole barn siding is right for your property.


Wood is a traditional choice for pole barn siding, so it hits the mark in terms of stylistic properties. It’s also a great choice for homeowners looking to source materials directly from their property by clearing and logging their own timber.

However, wood pole barn siding tends to fall short in the performance department for several reasons. First off, it’s incredibly flammable, so if a fire happens to spark, homeowners don’t have much time to save the structure, potentially causing huge risks to life and property. Another reason wood pole barn siding isn’t ideal is that it’s susceptible to moisture damage and rot. Lingering moisture from humidity, heavy rains, or seasonal snowfall can cause sections of the wood siding to rot, sag, and support mold growth, which can compromise the structural integrity of the pole barn siding in a single season, quickly breaking down the protection, performance, and aesthetic quality of the pole barn siding.

It is possible for homeowners to keep their wood siding protected with seasonal maintenance and targeted treatments. All in all, wood is a fine choice for homeowners who don’t mind consistent upkeep, such as chinking, caulking, repainting, restaining, and replacing damaged wood beams.

Fiber Cement

Boasting enhanced strength, fiber cement is a top choice for pole barn siding because of its ability to withstand weather challenges. Its composition consists of cement and cellulose fibers, and this option has the durability and strength needed to maintain its integrity for decades.

The downfall with fiber cement siding is that it’s not very user-friendly. Many builders are keen on constructing their pole barn on their own, which simply isn’t possible with fiber cement. Because of its composition, professional contractors are required for the installation of fiber cement pole barn siding, which can put a damper on homeowners looking to do all the finishing touches with their own handiwork.


One of the best pole barn siding options is high-grade metal. Rule out aluminum from the start and explore barn metal siding made from steel. Metal siding can ease concerns over flammability that homeowners may have with wood, while also providing a heavy-duty exterior that’s built to stand up to the elements. Metal siding doesn’t experience the same sagging, buckling, and splintering that’s so common with wood and vinyl that has been exposed to the elements.

Metal siding is easy to work with, meaning DIY homeowners can install pole barn metal siding without much hassle, unlike fiber cement which requires a licensed contractor for the installation process. All in all, metal pole barn siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who want reliable performance, style, and the ability to work with the product on their own.

Steel in Two Styles

TruLog makes a variety of steel products that are ideal for pole barn siding. TruLog has steel pole barn siding that looks just like natural logs for a cabin-style exterior, and they also have modern siding options like board and batten. A variety of colors are available, including natural wood tones and on-trend hues, like farmhouse white. Stylish, practical, and built to last with minimal maintenance, TruLog’s steel pole barn siding is an excellent choice.

There are many pole barn siding options to consider. Wood and fiber cement are both great choices for most exterior building projects, however, steel siding is still the best option for homeowners looking for practical, dependable pole barn siding that’s attractive and easy to maintain.

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