How Much are Pole Barn House Prices?

Pole barn prices are among the most competitive out of all the various architectural styles that are available, with costs ranging from under $50,000 well into the six figures. Yet pinpointing the exact cost of building a pole barn with living quarters can be a tricky matter. There are many factors to consider, including size, amenities, property conditions, and the grade of building materials. Analyzing each of these aspects can help homeowners get a better understanding of creating a realistic budget. 

Whether you’re renovating an existing pole barn, building from the ground up with customized features, or simply picking up a DIY pole barn kit that’s ready to build, you can get a better idea of finished pole barn house prices by breaking down the different components of the build.

Rustic Pole Barn Prices vs. Lavish Pole Barns

One major home service provider marketplace estimates that the construction of a standard, rudimentary pole barn can cost around $11 to $20 per square foot, which means a modest, 1,200 square foot structure is achievable under 30K. However, this accounts only for the structure itself. To make it livable, adding plumbing, proper ventilation, and an HVAC system, and even rudimentary pole barn prices start to climb.

Truly, the depth of amenities homeowners intend to include will play a huge role in estimating the total price of a finished pole barn house. Interior furnishings, like lux bathrooms, tile, carpet, ample windows for natural light, and kitchens complete with fully stocked appliances, can create major fluctuation in livable pole barn prices, so it’s best to assess your living standards honestly and with an open mind if budgetary limitations are a concern.

Beyond lavish amenities, the size of the pole barn will influence the end cost most significantly. Naturally, the larger the size of the finished pole barn, the more materials, labor, and leveling will need to be completed before the structure is move-in ready.

Renovated Barndominiums Aren’t Always Cheaper than New Builds

Some people think that renovating an old barn into a livable barndominium will automatically save thousands. After all, the structure is already up, right? Saving money by renovating an old pole barn isn’t always a sure bet. There will certainly be some things that need to be torn down, either for practical, structural, or aesthetic reasons.

Barn deconstruction is not always a straightforward task, with barn demolition, deconstruction, and debris disposal costing thousands of dollars, even for a 30-foot by 40-foot structure. Plus, old materials may harbor potential hazards that can be disturbed during renovation, like asbestos, mold, and rusted materials. Addressing these issues is a must in order to make a pole barn livable, and they aren’t always affordable fixes.

With that said, an old pole barn that was built with structural integrity and has been well kept may end up saving homeowners in the long run, depending on the amount of renovations needed.

Prices for Pole Barn Kits

If designing the perfect pole barn is giving you headaches, it may be best to check out some of the DIY pole barn kits that are on the market. Most major home improvement retailers have a variety of DIY buildings available. These range from approximately $27,000 to $46,000 for kits that include materials for small livable pole barns with less than 1,000 square feet. Keep in mind, these kits typically include the structural materials only, and you’ll need to budget for site leveling, plumbing, electricity, interior furnishings, and paint.

The Price of Pole Barn Upkeep

Upkeep is another factor that can influence the total price of building a finished pole barn home. The good thing is that when you’re building a livable pole barn from the ground up, there are some smart design decisions you can make to keep expenses down.

For example, consider installing solar panels that provide enough energy to avoid hooking up to a power grid. This is a great idea for livable pole barns that are in remote areas or situated deep in private property. Another tip is to invest in more durable exterior products for the siding and roofing. Steel siding that imitates the look of wood is a great idea for making a budget-friendly swap that saves money in the long run.

Increase the Value of Your Barndominium

There are many opportunities to increase the value of your livable pole barn during the construction and renovation process. As mentioned, it’s so important to invest in long-lasting materials that offer enhanced durability and timeless design. This will cut back the time, money, and energy needed for repairs and upgrades down the line.

One of the easiest ways to increase barndominium value is to install maintenance-free steel siding instead of natural wood, which requires incessant repair and attention to maintain its allure. TruLog designs wood-look steel siding that is perfect for pole barn homes.

Comparing different pole barn prices can be complicated, but there’s one straightforward way to ensure long-lasting value, and that’s by investing in more durable materials that provide better protection with less work. Explore all the wood-look siding options offered by TruLog and discover a high-quality product with proven value.

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