When Do People Notice That It’s Siding That Looks Like Wood?

Here at TruLog Steel Siding, we’re proud of our metal siding that looks like wood. Unlike wood, it doesn’t require the log home maintenance that you’ll experience with real logs. It’s also much less expensive than a log home and holds up longer than fiberglass or concrete log siding.

Still, it can be hard to beat the look of a log cabin that’s actually made of our logs, can’t it? They just have that something special that stirs the hearts of many Americans. So when retrofitting your home with log siding, you want to make sure it looks as authentic as possible.

So, just how much does our faux log siding look like wood? When are people going to notice that your log home isn’t actually a log home? Let’s find out.

From the Road

From the road, whether your house is 30 feet from a busy street or 300 yards from the nearest gravel, no one is going to know your cabin siding isn’t real logs. For all they know, it’s a log home.

Down the Drive

Even as people get closer, they’re simply going to be marveling at how cool your exterior looks. After all, most Americans love the idea of log cabins, so they’re really going to be wishing their home looked like that.

Parked Out Front

Parked our in front of your house, only experts should be able to tell the difference between the log siding and a real log home. The only thing that might tip them off is the lack of chinking, the material that goes between logs in order to keep the wind from going through a real log cabin.

On the Porch

A few more people might notice at this point, but only because they’re looking directly at it. Think about it: when you’re approaching someone’s front door, you only really look around when there’s something interesting to look at. Our premium-colored siding for log homes will still be fooling most people, though.

Knocking On Your Door

First of all, when someone knocks on your door, they’re focused on the door. That’s one of the reasons we suggested replacing your front door with something that looks more log cabin-like and can further sell the idea of the design. But if they look to the side of the door and start inspecting your log cabin metal siding, this is likely to be the first time that they notice that it’s not real wood. The standard colors of our log home siding, sable, cedar, canyon red, and autumn brown, will be more easily identifiable as metal because they don’t have the multi-color striations that make it look even more like real wood. Our premium cabin siding colors, Red Cedar and Ponderosa Pine, will probably still be fooling some!

And If They Touch It?

If they touch it, then the jig is up! There’s no one who’s going to mistake our metal siding for real wood by touch. In truth, it’s not supposed to feel like real wood, but instead simply look like it. The metal will be smooth, and depending on the day it will be warm or cold.

99.900-percent of people who see your “cabin” will be seeing it from the street, and they’re certainly going to like the look and never know the difference. And if the UPS guy notices that you’re sporting metal cabin siding instead of wood, who really cares? For all the rest of the people you’re inviting into your home, you can tell them why you chose metal siding that look like wood instead of something else. Find that perfect siding option for your home right here!

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