Pathway Options for Your Log Cabin

Your log cabin is looking great, but you’ve found you’ve got a problem. Even with the best of
designs, there’s still a lack of level surfaces leading around your property. When your friends
visited last week, their two-year-old was falling all over the place. You know you need to add
some walkways for your log home, but you can’t decide how.


Pavers are an excellent choice for your cabin’s new walkways. They’re small, easy to move, and
easy to install if you don’t mind the manual labor. They also come in a variety of colors so you
can match your log cabin exterior.

Pavers require a stable bed to rest on. Otherwise, your new pathway won’t stand the test of time.
The first step is to excavate out a foundation. Then you’ll need to compact in soil and base stone.
Once that layer is level, you’ll add sand. Then your log home’s pathway is ready for pavers.
Upon completion, you’ll have beautiful new walkways.


Concrete is another practical possibility for pathways around your log cabin. It’s not as
maneuverable as pavers, but it’s still doable on your own too. These days, concrete comes in
assorted colors. As a bonus, you can choose to do a process called stamping, which gives your
concrete more character.

Adding a concrete pathway to your log home starts with compacting the ground underneath.
You’ll then need to build out forms in the shape you want the path to be. Once everything is set,
it’s time to have the concrete delivered. You’ll need a couple extra sets of hands to get the
concrete processed before it starts to cure.

Stepping Stone

A fantastic way to maintain a natural look around your log home is stepping stones. These offer a
level surface for you to walk on without being continuous. This organic feel makes them perfect
for your log cabin.

Regardless of the stone size you select, there’s still a little bit of preparation before the actual
laying. You’ll need to space out the stones and dig each one a spot. Then you’ll mix the setting
compound and lay the stones. With a little help, this is a quick project.

DIY Versus Professional

As the owner of a cabin, the cost is one of your considerations. All three options can work as
either do it yourself or professional projects. It really depends on your comfort level and
willingness to perform manual labor.

The DIY approach on all these log cabin pathways requires some specialized tools, which you
can rent from your local hardware store. Often, the projects can be done solo, but the results
improve with extra sets of hands. Overall, the price will be lower too.


You should consider professionals for your log home pathway project if you’re unable or
unwilling to do the manual labor. Professionals are also suitable for time crunch situations. A
professional removes the stress and uncertainty about the finished product.

Whether you choose to DIY or hire a professional, your log cabin experience will benefit
immensely. You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces better year-round, and you’ll gain more

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