Parks Exploration in Colorado Over Winter

Colorado may be famous for its downhill skiing, but that’s far from the only winter activity available. You have your choice of picturesque mountain views while enjoying everything from snowshoeing to ice fishing throughout the winter season. In fact, there are so many options you may need to plan multiple trips. Maybe your lucky enough to own a cabin in the Colorado mountains, or maybe you rent, either way there is plenty to do once you are there.

Snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain National Park is a Colorado treasure. Over winter, the park allows minimal impact activities such as snowshoeing. The park has many different trails for all difficulty levels, from the easy Bear Lake Loop to challenging Lake Haiyaha. At certain times, park rangers even lead fantastic moonlight tours. Consider staying in a log cabin at Grand Lake or Estes Park for maximum outdoor time.

Cabin Rentals at Mueller

Mueller state park offers a wide variety of activity options year-round, including hiking and cross-country skiing. As a bonus, Mueller offers a few log cabins inside the park. You only need to bring your own food to enjoy unparalleled access to the surrounding wilderness from these cabins.

Wildlife Spotting at State Forest

State Forest Park is known for its moose specifically, though other large animals do inhabit the park. In fact, there are 600 moose year-round. The Moose Visitor Center in the park offers visitors some pointers on where to find the animals, then visitors like yourself get to go out and explore the park to find them. Nearby log cabins in Walden make for beautiful places to start the day. There are even snowmobile trails.

Frozen Fortress at Great Sand Dunes

While Great Sand Dunes is a treat itself to visit in the winter, the cold creates another point of interest. Nearby Zapata Falls freezes solid under the right conditions. Looking at pictures, you may find it resembles the ice castle in the Narnia movies. If you’re doing a log cabin getaway in the area, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Cross Country at Black Canyon

During the winter, cars are restricted within Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park boundaries. This lack of vehicles creates the perfect environment for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing up to the majestic canyon. At times, rangers even offer special night treks for even more unique views.

Ice Fishing at Eleven Mile

Ice fishing is a winter pastime, and the best spot to do it is in Eleven Mile State Park. The reservoir boasts a diverse fish population and forms safe ice around December. That means you have many options for when to book your trip in conjunction with your log cabin getaway. Fishing can be booked as a tour, or you can go individually. Just make sure you have a valid fishing license.

Go Wild at Sylvan Lake

Sylvan Lake State Park is located near some of the biggest ski resorts in Colorado; however, the park is left wild. There are log cabins available in the park, or you can find one in the nearby towns. You can choose from all sorts of winter activities within the park, from snowmobiling to sledding depending on your preferences.

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