Paint Sheens: How to Choose

Are you doing some painting in your cabin this spring and summer? If you’re doing a DIY job, it’s a good idea to do some research so you can choose the right paint sheen with confidence. There are a few different types of paint sheen, some more suitable for certain purposes than others. We’ll go through them all in this post! 

High Gloss

High gloss is a hard, shiny type of paint that can be easily cleaned. Because it is very shiny it shows up every single imperfection – so you won’t want to use it everywhere, but it’s a good paint to use in places that get messy, like kitchen countertops! 

Semi Gloss

Semi gloss is great for kitchens and bathrooms – places where the walls will often get messy. It’s not the best paint at hiding imperfections, but it does clean exceptionally well. It reflects light too much to be used in bedrooms or living spaces, but you can certainly use it in other rooms. 


Satin paint is lovely and shiny, but it does reflect light somewhat, so it’s not great for any rough textures. That being said, it’s easy to clean, so you could use this paint somewhere that sometimes needs a good scrub! 


Eggshell paint is quite similar to flat, although it does clean slightly better. It covers up most things – however, for full coverage, you might want to opt for matte instead. Eggshell is ideal for bedrooms or living areas. 


In contrast to high gloss paint, flat or matte paint soaks rather than reflects light. This means that it is great for any rough patches. However, it’s not very robust, and doesn’t clean well at all. It’s best to use flat paint in areas that don’t require much cleaning – high up on walls or ceilings where people can’t reach! 

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