What Exterior Upgrades Should You Consider With Your TruLog Metal Log Siding?

When you have TruLog metal log siding installed, your home is going to look a lot better and the exterior maintenance is going to be much easier than with other forms of log cabin siding. You’re also going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars when you compare the cost of new log cabin construction to covering your existing home with our high-quality product.

So with all that money and time you’re saving, you can make some additional upgrades to your home! Here are some of the most common upgrades people make after (and sometimes before) installing our metal log siding.

Add A Deck Or Front Porch

Now that you have our steel log siding on your home, why not continue the feel of logs by adding a new deck with log railings and balusters? You can also improve your front porch by removing your old railing and replacing it with something that looks a lot more like what a log cabin would have. After all, when you look at pictures of log cabins (like the ones in our photo gallery), you’ll notice that nearly every one has some sort of porch or deck that adds to that log cabin feeling. A deck also gives you a great place to sit and enjoy the look of your faux log siding-covered home!

Choose Your Exterior Seating

So when you’re enjoying the look of your new home and having some lemonade, where will you be sitting? Log homes often have specific types of furniture on the porch or decks. Seek out wood adirondack chairs, benches, and porch swings that will make your steel log sided home look even more authentic. And since most patio furniture is meant for cookie-cutter suburb homes, why not find a nice picnic table for your deck instead?

Replace Your Front Door

There’s another sizable part of your home’s front that you might want to address. Log cabin doors of today are often ornate, and it’s unlikely that your old door will match the look of your log panels. After you’ve installed our steel log siding, finish it off with a new front door. The good thing is, new front doors have the highest return on investment of any home improvement, so it’s a win-win!

Exterior Lighting

What’s right next to your front door? Probably a porch light. When your home’s exterior changes so much with the addition of exterior lighting, it’s no surprise that your sconces might not match the siding as well as it once did. New lighting can be a good way to sell the look of a log home even more.

When you’ve invested in faux log metal siding from TruLog, you don’t have to do any of these projects; your home’s going to look great no matter what. But since steel siding can save you money now and in the future you might want to consider some upgrades to make your home even more beautiful. Of course, it all starts with the metal siding panels, so find out more about how to purchase them right here.



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