Outside Lighting For Your Log Home

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People place so much attention on the lighting pattern of the interior of their log homes but put little or no focus on selecting the lighting for the exterior of their homes. For such persons, any light can be used for the exterior of their home. It is good that they are placing such attention to finding a solution to the lighting of their interior. But they also need to examine the best light for a different part of the exterior. Using a sound lighting system for the surface adds beauty and safety (both from accident and trespassers) especially at night. Though it is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, there is also a saying that says, first appearance matters. The exterior of your log home will always be the first appearance that many people will see. Some persons may never get the opportunity to know how the interior looks like, but they will surely know about what the exterior looks like.

The guide below will walk you through the criteria and recommended lights for a different part of the exterior of your log home.

Light for Places Near the House.

The lights you use near the house are very vital. This light adds glamour to the appearance of the home. In this category, the wall-mounted fixture is the most used. The wall-mounted accessories can either be rustic or modern. Other options include ceiling mounted (depending on the type of ceiling). You can also use the flush installed or pendant type. Though outdoor lights are most times protected from weather, still you must use external fixture mainly designed for the outside view.

Light for Places away from the house.

You must put lights along the walkway or driveway, to ensure free movement and prevent accidents. Since the lights are meant to ease movement along the path and not to brighten the environment, then a low-level light such as solar lights can work effectively in that place. This light saves you money, since it doesn’t, require additional wiring.

Sensor lights can be used for the staircase. All you need to do is install it at the rise of the stair; so that it can illuminate the stair below. This will provide safety and ensure the light is focused on the area you need without disturbing others.

Accent lights can be used around the veranda. These lights make the area more useful. You can use uplights instead of accents in the garden or on the trees, shrubs and flowerbeds to create an incredible atmosphere.

If you have a pool or fountain, then you can install an ambient light. This type of light will add to the beauty and enjoyment you will get from the pool.

Adding outdoor lighting can highlight the natural features and rustic appearance of your log home making it safer and more appealing.

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