The Outside Of The Garage Looks Great In Faux Log Siding. What About The Inside?

Now that you’ve got the outside of your home covered in faux log siding, we’re sure that your attached garage was covered as well. After all, when you cover a home in steel log siding, you cover the whole house! Even if your garage is detached, we’ll bet you covered it in cabin siding to really sell the idea and make everything match perfectly.

So the outside looks great. But what about the inside of the garage? After all, in previous blogs we’ve been detailing the decorating styles that really sell the idea of the inside looking like a cabin as much as the outside does. It’s easy to add some antlers to a great room or a rough-hewn bed to a bedroom, thus making it look like a room you’d find in a log cabin.

But the interior of garages? That’s a tough one. It’s actually kind of hard to find things that make a log cabin garage unique on the inside, save for the exposed logs on the interior. After all, having been built to house the modern invention of the car, it’s always going to look a bit modern.

But look hard enough and ye shall find, so here are a few thoughts on how to make the interior of your garage look like a log cabin now that the exterior is covered in faux log siding.

The Floor

Whether home or industrial use, a waterproof garage floor is a must. Epoxy garage floor coatings are becoming more and more popular as people (mostly men) are spending a greater amount of time in the garage than ever before. These coatings can make cleanup of oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, and, let’s admit it, beer easier than ever.

While you could head down to the big box store and pick up a can of floor paint, that stuff doesn’t hold up for long. Get a pro to install something with flakes inside the clear top-coating, something that has a distinctive wood look to it. That way, instead of boring gray concrete you can have something that looks like it should be in a log cabin.

The Door To The Rest of the House

If you have an attached garage, there’s always the door that leads from the garage to the rest of the house. This door is often a fire door, made from heavier material to protect the rest of the house in case anything in the garage ever catches on fire. If that door could use an upgrade, nothing says you couldn’t find one that looks a bit more like it should be in a log cabin. After all, this not only improves the look of your garage but also of the interior of your home.

The Workbench

If you already have a huge rolling toolbox and a steel workbench, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to get rid of it just to make your garage look “less metallic.” But if you just need a simple workbench, you could certainly make yourself a workbench from logs that would certainly help sell the idea.


There are all sorts of things you can hang on the walls to sell the idea of a log cabin. Old saws, farm tools, and the like can go a long way toward giving your garage the feel of a barn from the past. After all, what is a garage but a modern barn!

While the garage might be one of the harder rooms to retrofit and look like a log cabin, we bet you can do it. After all, you want it to look as good as your exterior does now that you have faux log siding.

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