Ornamental or Practical – What Is the Lure of Folly Houses?

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Traditionally homes are designed and built for a family. The structure and design of a home blends in both practicality and aesthetics. However, folly homes which are very different from tiny houses are on the opposite end of the spectrum when we think of conventional homes.

What is a Folly?

Strictly adhering to architectural definitions – a folly is an ornamental building designed to serve little or no practical purpose. They can feature a living space, loft bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Unlike a tiny house where every bit of space is utilized, the folly is at best designed with the idea of creating an eye-catching structure.

Designing your Folly in keeping with the Surroundings

Whether you live in a desert area or a mountainous area or even next to a beach, by blending in specific aspects of the surroundings you can give your folly a unique and yet aesthetically practical appeal.

A great example of how this has been successfully achieved is this folly in the Mojave Desert. Designed with a stargazing bedroom, which can buckle up as a loft, this folly optimizes on the view of a clear star-filled desert night. The structure is covered by oxidized metal sheets which blends in beautifully with the desert surroundings.

If your folly, however, is thick in the middle of a forest or mountainous region, then instead of metal sidings, you might want to consider using log sidings to give it that rustic log home appeal.

Log Sidings for your Folly

A rustic log cabin has its own set of unique appeal. And a folly has its own creative appeal. Can a folly be both architecturally creative and unique and practical to build? Why not!

Often follies are left half-constructed because of the kind of costs involved in building it. Either the material is not practical to use or as mentioned before the costs involved begin to extend beyond the budget. In these types of situations, folly owners don’t finish the project.

If you find yourself in a situation like this then you need to consider log sidings. Not only are they designed to be durable and practical, but their aesthetic appeal is apparent. Available in a variety of colors, these sidings can help you achieve just the look you want for your folly.

Log sidings are designed to give off that authentic, genuine log home charm. However, they do offer more than just aesthetic appeal. This type of siding is functional and practical as already indicated.

5 Reasons to Use Log Sidings for your Folly

• They don’t require staining or painting.
• They offer protection against cracking or wrapping.
• You don’t have to worry about discoloration and fading.
• You don’t have to worry about rotting wood or having to replace the log sidings.
• No insect infestations, which is a common cause of worry in wood sidings.
If you are looking for siding material that is tough and effective and can blend in perfectly with your environment, then you might want to consider Trulog steel sidings. Drop us a mail at ryan.reedbaum@trulogsiding.com or give us a call at 970-646-4490 today!

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