The Mysterious Phenomenon of “Cabin Napping”

log cabin photo A couple recent capers have shown the possibility that a quaint log cabin may be stolen right off its foundation. Though this type of theft is certainly not the norm, it’s another thing to be aware of when choosing types of home siding material.

Stolen Cabins Not Altogether Uncommon

The town of Wildwood, MO, last week reported the story of a historic log cabin that had been illicitly disassembled and stolen. The pieces were said to be valued at $50,000. The police believed the cabin to have been stolen at some point between November 24 and 29. All that was left was the roof and foundation.

To make the matter all the more irksome, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that the historic cabin was just about to be professionally deconstructed and relocated, so that its historic value could be preserved while allowing the family to clear their ancestors’ cabin from their property. The Essen family owned the cabin, which had been built in the 1870s. Two sisters who owned acreage where the cabin was located had recently arranged to have the cabin donated to the city to be used as a historic attraction.

The cabin has since been found in Wentzville, the pieces piled by the apartment of the 54-year-old man now charged with theft.

While you may think this would save the city the expense of having a contractor disassemble the cabin, in fact it will be an expensive endeavor to have the home reassembled. In a professional deconstruction, the contractor would carefully mark each piece so it could be easily and accurately rebuilt. Now it will be more time-consuming and more expensive to put back together the unmarked logs.

This isn’t the first time a cabin has been stolen. Just this past April, NBC News* reported the story of a family who had their Spokane, WA log getaway stolen from their property. Just like the case discussed above, the cabin was fortunately later found and returned to its rightful owners.

Choosing a Steel-Sided Mountain Getaway

In both of the scenarios above, the log dwellings stolen were tucked away in rural areas. So how can you have a charming mountain getaway without constantly worrying about any nefarious activity that could happen while you’re away? While a steel-sided, faux-log home isn’t immune to theft of the siding material, it’s probably much less likely since there isn’t the same kind of enticement that there is for historic wood logs.

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