How Much Land Do You Really Need With Your Metal Log Siding Home?

There are two basic types of people who we sell to. The first are the customers who already own their house and are looking for a way to jazz it up, to make it look more like the home they’ve always wanted. Because they already have their house and are perfectly happy with where they are, they also already have the land. It might be a quarter-acre, it might be a thousand. Those are not the people we’re talking to in today’s blog.

The second type of customer is the one who is looking for land and will either add our faux log siding to the house that’s already on the property or is going to build a home and add the log cabin siding for maintenance-reducing and cost-saving measures. This is the customer who’s trying to find that spot on which to build their little piece of paradise.

For this customer, the choice of log home siding might be the easiest one of all. Deciding where and how much land to purchase might be a bit harder.

How Much Can You Afford?

Most of us interested in log cabins wouldn’t mind 40 acres in the mountains of Colorado. Of course, when a half-acre in Aspen can cost you $10,000,000, (and you get the apartment!) you might have to be a bit more willing to compromise! Would you rather find an acre in the mountains that’s still near roads, groceries, and hospitals? Or would you rather have 40 acres in the high deserts near Pueblo but with zero amenities? It really just depends on how much money you can afford to put into your property. Of course, you also have to consider…

What Are You Planning On Doing With It?

Will you turn it into a hobby ranch? Do you just need the space to run a single horse? Is there room for that huge garden you’ve always wanted? What you plan on doing with it will often dictate where the land is, as well as how much you’ll need. Still, your house with metal cedar log siding is going to look really great from any nearby roads.

Can You Take Care Of It?

You might like to have a hundred acres, and there are parts of it that you can just leave alone, whether it’s woods, grassland, or scrub land. But the bigger the property, the more maintenance it will require. You’ll most likely need to mow some area around the house to create a firebreak, and even a gravel road has to be re-rocked every so often. Have a lake? The levy might need repair. So make sure you can handle it.

One thing that’s not going to require much maintenance is steel log siding. It’s certainly the type of siding that leads to the least amount of log cabin maintenance. Metal just holds up!

Can You Deal With The Utilities?

If there’s not currently a house on the property, there are many surprises that come up with building a new home on undeveloped land. For instance, how are you getting your water? Your electricity? Will you be hooked up to city sewage, or will you be using a septic tank? Remember, the bigger the land, the more materials it takes to hook up your house.

Before you buy the property, it might be a good idea to talk to the neighbors about specific issues they might have. And if you’re moving into a neighborhood, make sure the HOA allows you to change the siding to something like cabin siding. Plan ahead and you’ll save yourself a lot of problems!



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