Selecting a Modular Log Home: 5 Things to Consider Before You Invest

modular log homes

Log homes bring to mind hand craftsmanship and attention to detail, including hours of labor fitting rough pieces together and maybe a somewhat flawed final product. But did you know you can actually get a modular log home? The same convenience of modular homes, constructed in sections off site and delivered to you assembled and ready to go, can be achieved with a log home. You can even still experience the attention to detail of a handcrafted home with a modular log home.

With a modular log home, all of the elements of your log home are prefabricated to fit together perfectly in a predetermined design. This option is often much more cost effective than a custom built home, even though there are still options to add customization to your modular log home.

Modular homes also save time, because you receive the home fully assembled and ready to move in. They are also built according to code and zoning limitations, so you do not have to worry about your log home passing inspection.

Thing to Consider Before Investing in a Modular Log Home

While a modular log home may seem like the right fit for you, there are still some things to consider before choosing a final product because once you have your prefabricated home, you are limited in how many changes you can make. Here are five things to consider when selecting a modular log home.

1. Use of Solar Panels

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Especially if your log home is going to be located in a remote area, you might be considering using solar panels to power some or all of your cabin. This is great way to reduce your energy bills, be more eco-friendly, and even store power in case you are disconnected from the power grid in a storm or other natural event.

However, do not buy a modular home assuming that you can stick solar panels on later and hook them up with no problem. Be sure to work with your modular home company to ensure the design you are selecting is compatible with solar panels and that modifications can be made at your land site to get solar panels working properly.

Since modular homes are completely constructed off site according to safety and inspection standards, this is an important step.

2. Wraparound Decking

Many modular homes offer porches and decks with their log homes because let’s face it: what log home is complete without one? However, if you are interested in a wraparound deck, think it through before your modular home arrives ready to move in. A wraparound deck needs to be completed with the proper supports and windows and doors in the proper places to make use of it. This will be much easier and safer if completed by your modular home manufacturer, and not added later by you.

3. Steel Log Siding

Selecting a Modular Log Home 2

If you are considering moving into a modular log home that has already been constructed, but are wary of the maintenance required from real wood logs, steel siding from TruLog may be a good fit for you.

Steel log siding gives the look of real wood logs, but requires none of the maintenance that real wood requires, which includes continuous sealing, checking for mold and mildew, and treating and preventing pest damage. Steel is virtually pest-free and easily cleaned.

If you are interested in upgrading to steel, gather as much information as possible on your modular log home and the team at TruLog can help you find out if steel siding can replace your current exterior or even be applied over the outside. Just because you are choosing a modular home does not mean there is no room for upgrades.

4. Flooring Options

Just like a traditional home, modular log homes have a wide variety of flooring options. If you are choosing options before your modular home is constructed, your flooring options will be limited to what the manufacturer offers.

Most often, this will be limited to laminate wood flooring and hardwood flooring. If you are interested in carpet or tile, for instance, you may want to research what options are available at different manufacturers and if you cannot find what you are looking for, you may want your modular log home constructed with unfinished floors so you can have them installed separately.

5. Door Types

Selecting a Modular Log Home 3

Do you envision french doors leading out to the back porch of your log home? Or how about a screen door over your front door that you can leave open when the weather is beautiful outside? These things need to be considered when selected options for your log home.

Your modular home manufacturer will cut and install doors when building your home, and the differences between door installations can be major. Be sure to consult with your designer and manufacturer on what doors will achieve the log home of your dreams.

Choose a Modular Log Home You’ll Love

Though modular log homes make construction simpler in many ways, there are still many considerations to keep in mind. Your decisions during the design and selection process will influence how easy it is to move into and start enjoying your log home, which is the ultimate goal. With proper preparation, you will be relaxing in your modular log home in no time.

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