The Benefits of Steel Siding for the Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Modern Farmhouse Exterior: Steel Siding Benefits

Farmhouse-style homes were built to be practical, functional spaces. Many farmhouses are still in use today, having been built well over a hundred years ago. The idea of the farmhouse is so popular, in fact, that many people choose to add farmhouse style accents to new homes as well.

Farmhouses can come in many styles, with only a few things uniting them. This is due to the fact that they tended to be built for practicality, using the skills and materials that were at hand. The modern farmhouse is no different; it’s meant to be functional and practical, and can have many different appearances. To make the most of a contemporary farmhouse, though, you need to make sure that you’re using materials that fit the functional, practical theme, such as steel siding.

What Is the Farmhouse Style?

What Is the Farmhouse Style?

There is no one farmhouse style. In fact, if you see a home listed as a farmhouse, it will usually have a second descriptor to it, such as Queen Anne farmhouse or Greek Revival farmhouse. Early farmhouses were built in the style of the settlers, so Germans tended to build more brick farmhouses, while people of Scandinavian descent tended to build more timber homes with board and batten siding.

Eventually, designs became widely available, which meant that anyone building a home could choose from any number of different designs. Farmhouse styles grew to mean any style of home that was built for function in a rural area. They do tend to have many characteristics in common, but the overall style may be distinct to its location.

Farmhouse Characteristics

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouses were built to be functional no matter what their style, but they tend to have similar characteristics with one another. This usually includes a wide, wrap-around front porch, both formal and informal interior sections of the house, transitional spaces such as brick or logs elements of New England farmhouses or a mudroom that was designed for leaving muddy boots and tools, and the use of very sturdy, practical, and low maintenance materials in and around the home.

The biggest issue with older farmhouses is the fact that they’ve been in use for so long, and were built of materials that were often on hand. That means that they tend to need a lot of maintenance and care, which can be discouraging to modern owners.

Today’s modern farmhouse is very much the same in style as its older cousins. You’ll find functional porches and decks, mudrooms, pantries, formal parlors and informal living rooms. The difference is that many people are now opting for low-maintenance materials when remodeling, such as engineered hardwood for indoors and exterior cladding such as steel siding.

The Benefits of a Metal Siding Farmhouse

The Benefits of Steel Siding

Farmhouses are usually located in rural areas, and are generally exposed to a wide range of weather conditions. A farmhouse may have to survive blazing sun, wind, rain, hail, hurricanes, or tornadoes, as well as snow and ice. Because the farmhouse is meant to be practical, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a siding material that is going to need a lot of care after being exposed to the elements. While wood siding may peel, chip, crack, or warp, and will require frequent scraping and repainting to maintain its appearance, steel siding is much more durable and lower in maintenance.

The color of steel siding is designed to last, without peeling, chipping, or needing to be refreshed. This means that a farmhouse with metal siding will maintain your home’s appearance longer without worrying about it. Steel siding is also insect-resistant, and won’t be dented by hail or harmed by ice and snow. Steel siding also comes in several attractive colors that are ideal for complementing the farmhouse style.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Steel siding is also flame-resistant, so if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, you can trust that your home will be better protected than it would be if it were clad in wood or vinyl siding, both of which are combustible.

Steel siding is also very attractive. It can give your home a classic farmhouse appearance, such as the original board and batten look or the look of a log home, but without the inherent issues that come from creating these looks in their original wood. With steel siding, you get the perfect complement to your modern farmhouse; the good looks and original style, but with the added durability and low maintenance care that a practical farmhouse truly needs.

Clad Your Modern Farmhouse in Steel

Clad Your Modern Farmhouse in Steel

With steel siding, you can rest assured that your farmhouse will maintain its good looks for longer with less care and maintenance. No matter what style your farmhouse conforms to, it’s possible to complement it with beautiful, durable steel. A farmhouse with metal siding can truly regain the practicality and function of this classic American style.

For more info on how you can use steel to get a modern farmhouse look, contact an expert at TruLog Siding today.

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