5 Examples of Modern Farmhouse Board and Batten Siding, One of the Hottest Exterior Design Trends

Modern Farmhouse Siding: 5 of the Best Exterior Design Trends
Modern Farmhouse Siding

The explosive trend of modern farmhouse board and batten siding can be seen from coast to coast. It is evidenced in nearly all kinds of towns and across all styles of residential architecture. And it is widely celebrated as an aesthetic that will withstand the test of time.

This distinct design refresh is best characterized by nostalgia. Namely, key elements that keep the familiarity and romantic notion of farmhouses alive. However, all while ditching the age-old issues associated with barnwood.

Many homeowners today wish to chase the timeless allure of the farmhouse siding look. But there are important considerations when embarking on a farmhouse renovation journey.

The key to enjoying modern farmhouse siding is quality installation. Knowing a few of the secrets that builders use to craft high-quality exteriors can ensure a facade that will last. Use this article as a guide to get modern farmhouse siding ideas that are easy to implement and fun to enjoy.

Creating a Legacy: Beloved Designs andClassic Farmhouse Exteriors

Creating a Legacy: Beloved Designs andClassic Farmhouse Exteriors

What makes a home look like a farmhouse anyway? Without a doubt, the siding is an essential component of any home. This is doubly true when it comes to crafting the modern farmhouse exterior style. Steering clear of brick and concrete is what makes this style distinct.

Most modern farmhouse siding ideas rely on building materials that look and feel homey. The rustic charm of modern farmhouse design is amenable to countless materials. This could include detailed wood grain, natural stone, and log-style siding. Think about relaxed, welcoming colors that boost warmth and relaxation, like muted greens, crisp white, and rusty red tones.

In addition, a few architectural features will help pull off the look. Though the farmhouse style can be drawn out of any structure and layout, not all looks are considered equal. It’s worth considering minor additions that truly embrace the aesthetic. With this, you can ensure you don’t have a round peg, square hole situation with your home’s look.

For example, a large front porch is an iconic part of the farmhouse style. Gable roofs and large windows are also typical features that have been preserved from original farmhouse exterior styles. These elements have been reinvented in the modern era to suit modern tastes.

5 Fresh Designs Perfect for Modern Farmhouse Siding Ideas

There is nothing worse than a home aesthetic that feels stagnant and outdated. Modernism risks this without careful consideration of the details. And poorly crafted architectural styles mean one thing: lower curb appeal.

Luckily, a few key upgrades are simple and essential to keep your modern farmhouse exterior siding fresh. Take a few tips from this list of design elements that embrace the modern farmhouse style for homes of many kinds:

1. Smart Materials that Eliminate Eyesores

1. Smart Materials that Eliminate Eyesores

One essential feature that’s a must for modern farmhouse siding is the selection of materials. Very few builders choose wood siding material or fiber cement siding these days. The same goes for vinyl siding, simply because there are excellent alternatives on the market.

Wood-look steel is one of the most popular selections of siding styles. This is largely because it imitates the look of natural wood. With metal, you get the best siding for a farmhouse – complete with wood grain patterns, textured surfaces, and natural colors. And all without running all the common risks of wood siding.

Metal siding for a farmhouse eschews many of the common farmhouse style siding problems. Fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and extremely low-maintenance, wood-style steel is a smart swap when planning a modern farmhouse exterior. These factors will ensure a siding that is durable and easy to care for.

2. Bold Color Contrast that Catches the Eye

2. Bold Color Contrast that Catches the Eye

While your farmhouse siding styles are critical, so too are your color choices. Green and white, white and black, red and white – these iconic color combos are foolproof. They communicate a crisp palette that embodies the farmhouse style, siding and all.

But remember, siding and trim aren’t the only two areas to use to implement color. Roofing, porch columns, and decorative shutters can also play a role in crafting a cohesive colorway. Consider bold colors or even bold material choices like metal roofs to really make an impact.

3. Reimagined Vertical Board and Batten Siding

3. Reimagined Board and Batten Siding

Is there anything more classic than white siding on a modern farmhouse exterior in a pastoral setting?

Farmhouse board and batten siding is a fantastic choice for modern farmhouse vertical siding. This is namely because it instantly communicates a familiar feel while adding texture that’s characteristic of farmhouse exteriors. Many consider this the best siding for farmhouse aesthetics. You’ll like also find board and batten siding for modern farmhouses on similar lists to this one.

However, one thing to note is board and batten can be laborious to install. When done well, you’ll have farmhouse style siding that looks authentic and natural. When done poorly, you’ll have farmhouse siding styles that look unnatural.

It’s best to choose an alternative material that can simplify the job without losing the authenticity. Wood-look steel, for example, makes installation and upkeep so much simpler. Metal siding for a farmhouse can stand up to the elements. It can even be energy efficient in the right circumstances.

With metal board and batten siding, modern farmhouse aesthetics are much easier to install and maintain.

4. Carriage House Garage Doors

4. Carriage House Garage Doors

For classic farmhouse aesthetics with modern touches, consider more than just your siding materials. Everything from windows to hardware should be on the docket. And all aspects (from material to scale) matter when going for the best farmhouse siding concepts.

Large, carriage house doors are used frequently in modern farmhouse exteriors today. With stylized fixtures and rivets, carriage house doors deliver an authentic, barn-inspired feel, and their oversize style makes them perfect for installing on the garage.

Homeowners will typically layer in dark, heavy woods and bold contrast hardware to really lean into this aesthetic. With the right material contrast against a stark white siding, homeowners can find a classic but eye-catching home look.

5. Sweeping Front Porches and Dramatic Entryways

5. Sweeping Front Porches and Dramatic Entryways

Finally, consider grand and inviting entrances to truly catch the eye. This will ensure that the architectural details that frame your farmhouse board and batten siding do so in a positive way.

Massive front porches with dramatic entryways never go out of style. They are a timeless design feature that homeowners can’t seem to part with. Large outdoor living spaces like these are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. They provide plenty of potential to revamp and style each season.

Plus, they give that invaluable link between indoor and outdoor moments that most homeowners value. Whether it’s sipping a coffee on the porch on a chilly morning or visiting with neighbors as they walk their dogs past the house, front porches are a must for most modern farmhouse exteriors.

Modern Farmhouse Siding Built to Last

As mentioned, wood is no longer preferred for modern residential buildings. This is simply because it’s vulnerable to all sorts of damage, making it costly and laborious to maintain.

Hop on the modern farmhouse siding trend by switching to a durable material. With the right choice for your modern farmhouse siding ideas, you can rest assured in your home. You’ll have a look that is maintenance-free and easy on the eyes.

TruLog offers high-quality farmhouse vertical siding crafted from heavy gauge steel. Authentic styles, textures, and colors make this the preferred choice when shopping for modern farmhouse siding. Plus, TruLog siding comes with a 30-year warranty for added peace of mind!

Contact the team at TruLog today to explore beautiful siding products that are perfect for crafting the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

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