Mixing Board and Batten and Lap Siding for Remarkable Results

If you’re thinking about mixing board and batten and lap siding, it’s best to have a full understanding of the design value of each. Mixing and matching different siding styles is a popular approach, and it has the ability to unlock lots of aesthetic potential.

Take a look at how board and batten and lap siding affect curb appeal on their own, and then learn a few approaches to successfully mixing these two styles together!

The Design Profile of Board and Batten

Board and batten is a very traditional siding layout that originated out of a practical approach to sound building strategies. Wide planks are installed vertically, with thin battens installed at each seam. Originally, the purpose of the batten was to provide additional support and cut down on gaps that air, water, and pests can sneak through.

However, as building skills and strategies became stronger and more efficient, the practical value of this siding style quickly gave way to board and batten becoming an intentional design choice. The vertical component of board and batten brings a unique quality to the exterior and can actually be used to elongate the height of the home. In addition, board and batten siding adds beautiful texture and shadow lines.

The Design Profile of Lap Siding

Lap siding is another traditional choice for residential exteriors. Used from coast to coast, lap is a clean, linear aesthetic that never goes out of style. Though modest in appearance, lap siding is actually a great choice for drawing attention to specific architectural features, color choices, and design qualities, like wood grain. Because of its fairly simple appearance, lap siding offers tons of creative potential, and it is a great choice for mixing and matching with other siding styles.

Mixing Board and Batten and Lap Siding 

There’s no need to stick to one exterior style anymore. In fact, lots of designers are finding that many homeowners prefer a mix and match approach because it can help the home stand out from others on the block. Whether mixing different raw materials (wood and stone) or styles (board and batten and lap), a refreshing combination can create exceptional character for even the most mundane and outdated homes. New builds and renovations alike can benefit from a mix and match approach to siding.

In particular, mixing board and batten and lap siding is a stylish choice. Both of these siding layouts are linear in structure, so they work together very well. With that said, there are a few specific ways to mix board and batten and lap siding to achieve an original look that feels put-together and intentional.

One approach is to use board and batten to draw emphasis to specific architectural features, like dormers. Isolating the board and batten to the dormers and installing horizontal lap throughout the rest of the exterior is a smart way to pull off this combination.

Another strategy is to mix these linear siding styles to visually segment floors on a multi-level home. With this approach, board and batten is typically reserved for a second or third level with traditional lap used on the ground floor.

A third way to mix board and batten and lap is to install vertical siding as a way to emphasize entryways, garage doors, or units on a single floor. Framing the doors with vertical board and batten is a great way to draw attention to these features.

Combine Board and Batten and Lap Steel Siding with TruLog

No matter how you plan on mixing board and batten and lap siding, it’s best to go with a durable product that will look great for many years, with little to no maintenance. TruLog siding is a great example of an exterior product that has exceptional longevity. Made with heavy gauge steel, TruLog siding is intentionally designed to be maintenance-free, meaning it continues to look great without much effort.

Plus, it’s super easy to get the authentic look of real wood board and batten and lap without worrying about wood rot, splintering, and fire risks. TruLog steel siding has awesome wood grain patterns that capture the allure of wood without all the risks. With a Class A Fire Rating and a steel core, TruLog products are simply a smarter option for getting a more durable board and batten exterior.

Better yet, installation is easy! Mixing TruLog board and batten and lap siding is a pretty simple process, thanks to the innovative lock-in design of these products. Unlike traditional wood board and batten, TruLog sells larger planks that include the battens, so there’s no struggle over intensive installation procedures.
Mixing board and batten and lap siding is a great way to create character and boost curb appeal. Download our Board and Batten Buyers Guide today to explore a wide range of colors and styles to choose from!

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