Durable Metal Siding for Busy Farmhouses

Metal Siding Farmhouse

Farms and farmhouses have been the backbone of the country for hundreds of years. Without farms, there’s no food, and therefore farmhouses have long been considered a well regarded and even popular style of home. Even today, when there are fewer farms than in past years, many people still build farmhouse style homes to help capture the look, style, and history that has captured the imagination for centuries.

Farmhouses don’t have to have one specific style or appearance, however. They can take on many different shapes, sizes, styles, and attributes depending on the tastes and needs of the owner. There are some cohesive elements, however, that help make it obvious that this is indeed a farmhouse, such as a wide front porch, the frequent inclusion of dormer windows, and a focus on a highly functional kitchen in the interior.

There can be variation in things like the siding material, the roof, and the overall architecture of the home. For this reason, when selecting a siding for your farmhouse, you will be faced with a lot of choices. And while many of them may feel like the more traditional option, only durable metal siding can give farmhouses the style and function they need.

Farmhouse Exterior Needs

Many homes have their unique needs and farmhouses are no different. Farmhouses located on working farms have even more needs than those simply given the style.

A working farm is a very busy place. There is always something that needs to be done, and sometimes the profits aren’t what was projected.

Many farmhouses are also built-in areas with large, wide open surroundings – the kinds of areas that typically see inclement weather such as hail, high winds, and even tornadoes.

Because of this, the exterior of a farmhouse needs to be highly durable and low- maintenance. Working farms are already busy; no one wants to stop and make time to scrape and repaint a peeling farmhouse. And it can be difficult to constantly find the money in the budget for scraping, painting, and repair. So, when the time comes to replace the siding, selecting a metal siding is the wisest choice.

The Benefits of Metal Siding

While most farmhouses were traditionally clad in wood, this material has a lot of high- maintenance needs. It chips, peels, rots, and is often targeted by insects. It can also burn and may require frequent repairs. Most replacement materials, such as vinyl, also have issues that mean they aren’t the best choice for a busy farmhouse.

Vinyl can melt in heat or become brittle and crack in the extreme cold. It still requires a degree of maintenance that just won’t benefit the farmhouse.

Metal siding such as TruLog is different. It resists fire, hail, impact damage, and insects. It performs well in all climates and when properly insulated can even improve the energy efficiency of the building. It also doesn’t peel, chip, fade, or require frequent scraping and repainting. This means that the metal siding is virtually maintenance-free, which can save a lot of time and money over the course of its lifespan when compared to other materials.

Metal siding is also attractive. With TruLog siding, you can give your home the appearance of a real log cabin. The material has the look and texture of real logs, but is much lower in maintenance as well as more durable and energy-efficient.

Farmhouse Metal Siding Design Ideas

Whether your farmhouse exterior is plain or decorative, metal TruLog siding can complement it to form a durable and attractive facade. Take a look at these four farmhouses to see how attractive this look can be:

1. Mixed Material Exterior

The exterior of a home does not need to be clad in one single material, and farmhouses are no different. This exterior features a wooden porch and fieldstone accents around the entrance. The rest of the exterior is clad in classic, TruLog metal siding. The effect is natural and makes the home look as though it’s part of its environment.

2. Simplistic Exterior

Simplistic Exterior

If your home doesn’t have a lot of frills or decorative elements, then adding TruLog metal siding to your facade can give your home some added character. With no other decorative elements, the log look siding becomes the focus of the design. The look is clean, simplistic, and very attractive at the same time.

3. Classic Style

Classic Style Metal Siding Farmhouse

This home features the classic farmhouse style and shape, yet has been clad in metal log-look siding. The wide, wraparound front porch helps the home keep its classic appearance and style. You know when viewing this exterior that it belongs to a farmhouse. The log-look siding simply complements the natural lines and appearance of the home, adding dimension rather than changing the style.

4. Natural Accents

Natural Accents Metal Siding Farmhouse

Log-look siding is so attractive and looks so much like real wood that it’s entirely possible to combine actual wood logs and log-look siding together in one design. Since the porch is such a big part of the farmhouse look and style, it makes sense to want to show it off. This home uses steel log siding on the facade, but also uses peeled logs for the porch. The two work beautifully together to create a cohesive design that is a lot less maintenance than if the entire facade had been clad in logs.

Get a Lower Maintenance Farmhouse Style

Farmhouses need to be durable and low-maintenance to really benefit their owners. With steel siding, you can get the durability you need to help keep maintenance costs down. At the same time, you can still complement your farmhouse and give it an attractive new look. Consider log-look metal siding for your farmhouse to gain these benefits for yourself.

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