6 Reasons to Install Steel Lap Siding on Your Building’s Exterior

Selecting the right siding for a commercial property is an important decision that requires vision, forward-thinking, and practicality. Commercial businesses can be negatively impacted when the building’s exterior is compromised by deterioration or aesthetic imperfections. Installing metal lap siding on commercial properties can be a solid investment that ensures a myriad of benefits.

Commercial Buildings that Benefit from Steel Lap Siding

One of the amazing things about steel lap siding is that it is incredibly versatile. It can be used for a variety of commercial applications like offices, retail stores, schools, libraries, daycare centers, banks, and more. There is a variety of configurations and colors, so it’s relatively easy to select the perfect steel siding that will match a commercial building’s unique architecture and purpose. Certain commercial opportunities need consistency, especially in the case of franchises, so having the ability to create a distinct look that matches the branding of a given enterprise is important.

Steel lap siding provides this superior level of assured consistency. the advantages of metal lap siding don’t end there however. Take a look at these six reasons why it’s a great idea to install steel lap siding on commercial buildings: 

1. Excellent Fire Rating

Safety is a significant concern for commercial buildings, and using less flammable materials is one way to create a safer building. Steel lap siding has an exceptional fire rating (Class A), which means that it’s fundamentally more fire-resistant than flammable materials like wood and vinyl, which can go up in flames pretty fast. Class A siding materials, like steel siding, can better protect life and property by reducing the spread of flames — a huge advantage for business owners.

2. Weather-Resistance

Rain, snow, hail, and wind can all do terrible damage to commercial buildings that aren’t prepped with weather-resistant siding. The sheer strength alone of steel lap siding keeps it from loosening or detaching from heavy wind gusts — something quite common with vinyl lap siding.

Water damage is another thing to worry about, especially when the commercial building is outfitted with real wood siding. Moisture buildup can cause wood to warp and rot over time, which can make the exterior of the building look shabby. As most commercial business owners know, appearance is important for creating a rapport with customers, and a dilapidated exterior can be detrimental to the image of the business. In addition, water damage weakens wood considerably, which can compromise the structural integrity of the building exterior. Steel does not rust or absorb water, which means that water damage is never an issue with metal siding.

3. Enhanced Durability

In addition to being weather-resistant, metal lap siding is simply a more durable material than vinyl, asphalt, wood, and other siding options. Durability is important for accidental impact and everyday incidents that cause wear and tear. Siding is the outermost layer of protection for commercial buildings, so investing in more durable resources, like steel lap siding, can help protect the rest of the structure more successfully.

4. Color Consistency

Many commercial buildings are built or rented specifically for certain companies that have several locations, like chain stores and franchises. For these enterprises, selecting a siding material that can be replicated precisely across several store branches is key for maintaining brand consistency. Steel plank siding is an excellent choice, because it maintains its color flawlessly. Other materials, like vinyl and painted wood, commonly fade and chip with prolonged sun exposure, resulting in a patchy appearance. Plus, real wood can often be difficult to match precisely because of natural inconsistencies. Metal lap siding offers the ability to create identical storefronts that match precisely in color and don’t fade over time.

5. Low-Maintenance

Another excellent advantage of steel lap siding is that it is essentially maintenance-free. Unlike wood, vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, and other materials, metal siding doesn’t require routine attention to maintain its peak condition and appearance. This is particularly helpful for commercial building managers who usually need to outsource building maintenance to contractors or stay on top of the upkeep themselves. Plus, because steel plank siding is low-maintenance, property owners can expect to spend less money on repairs that would otherwise be necessary for commercial buildings with less durable siding.

6. Long-Term Investment

After a cost versus value comparison, there’s no doubt that steel lap siding is a solid investment for any commercial building project. Because of its incredible longevity, durability, and essentially maintenance-free upkeep, steel plank siding delivers a reliable performance and upholds immense value through the years. 

The Best Siding for Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings require heavy-duty materials that can look and perform great with minimal attention. Providing weather-resistance, fire-resistance, color consistency, and durability — all with minimal maintenance — steel plank siding is a great choice for commercial buildings.

Download our Lap Siding Buyers Guide today for more information on a durable commercial siding solution.

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