Metal Siding for Garages: Best Options and Design Ideas

Believe it or not, there are tons of attractive options available for metal garage siding in today’s market. Unlike generations passed, where functionality was the only concern, today’s property owners want structures to be durable, long-lasting, and also aesthetically pleasing. With plenty of styles and design ideas out there, it’s now a given that aesthetic quality is just as important as functionality.

There are important considerations that go into the process of picking metal siding garage styles and materials.

The Practicality and Aesthetics of Metal Garage Siding

Building a garage with metal siding is nothing new. Homeowners have been using metal siding for garage structures for decades, as it’s a practical exterior choice that holds up well against the elements. Recent trends have shown more creativity going into metal garage siding styles. Now, garages often reflect similar trends and design strategies as other structures on the property – including the main residence – by featuring harmonious colors, accent features, and eye-catching panel styles.

Design should always be considered when outfitting an exterior. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular metal siding garage styles:

Corrugated Siding

Corrugated siding has a classic look that fits what most people think of when they imagine metal siding for garages. With a vertical orientation, corrugated siding has a very similar look to traditional board and batten. Deep grooves create striking shadow lines, an attractive visual effect. Corrugated siding panels and board and batten metal siding remain consistently popular when it comes to creating a classic garage exterior.

Beaded Metal Siding

Typically used in a horizontal layout, beaded metal siding usually has a wide clapboard face with a distinctive beading at the base of the panel. This unique design is similar to corrugated siding in the sense that the beading creates a noticeable shadow line and gives regularity and structure to the surface.

Shake Siding

With a rustic appearance and highly-textured surface, shake is a great choice for homesteads that embrace an outdoorsy aesthetic. Cabins, bungalows, and cottages often rely on shake to capture that rustic feel. Though it isn’t quite as common for standalone garage structures, it can certainly be used to create a cohesive look that meshes well with the primary residence – especially for attached garages.

Metal Lap Siding

Lap siding remains a classic choice for all types of building structures, including standalone garages and attached garages. Lap siding is a common exterior style for residential properties because it has a familiar look and feel, which makes it a nice choice for garage siding.

Metal Log Siding

Another style that shouldn’t be overlooked is a log-style exterior made from steel. A fantastic choice for capturing the coziness of a cabin or chalet, steel log siding is available in a variety of colors and styles that provide lots of room for design creativity. Traditional wood siding can come with a lot of deterioration issues, so creating the classic look of log siding with highly durable steel is a great solution.

Steel Siding Garage Panels Last Longer

No matter what style you’re going for, the fabrication of the metal garage siding can play a big role in its longevity and capacity to maintain an attractive appearance. While it’s known that metal already provides better durability and protection overall than other choices like wood or vinyl, the quality of metal siding can still vary.

For example, high-quality steel with a thick gauge will certainly provide better protection than some of the thinner aluminum products on the market. It’s highly recommended to confirm the gauge, place of production, and other details when purchasing metal siding for a garage. 

TruLog is a Top Resource for Metal Garage Siding

For longer-lasting steel siding garage panels that are virtually maintenance-free, TruLog is a trusted resource. Made in America, TruLog specializes in producing high-quality steel siding products with impeccable attention to design and style details. 

Design choice is abundant, with options like board and batten, traditional log-style siding, classic lap, and more – all in a range of colors. Plus, there are options that include authentic-looking wood grain patterns in case you want to craft a garage with metal siding that looks like it’s made with natural wood.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and providing a wealth of styles to explore, TruLog products are built to last. They are crafted from heavy gauge steel, they have a Class A Fire Rating – which is the best rating in the fire safety qualification system, and with a Class 4 Impact Rating and corrosion-resistant barrier, you can trust in the durability of metal garage siding from TruLog. In fact, the siding panels have a 30-year warranty for peace of mind! 

If you’re ready to design the perfect garage with metal siding, contact the team at TruLog today to ensure that you build a structure that has reliable strength and long-lasting beauty.

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