Why Metal Board and Batten Siding is the Perfect Solution for Harsh Weather

Houses with metal board and batten siding

There are countless elements in our weather that can deteriorate your house’s exterior. High humidity, prolonged sun exposure, extreme cold, and more threaten the durability of your roof, house exterior, and more.

But when built with the right materials, your home can stand up to the elements without failing. This includes your home’s exterior siding, which can be made of wood board, vinyl, or, for maximum durability, metal.

If you are looking to maximize your home’s durability, board & batten metal siding is as good as it gets.

Durable Materials

There are countless reasons why traditional siding materials are less than ideal for a home’s longevity.

Traditional wood siding is prone to rot when exposed to excess moisture. It’s also at risk of being slowly degraded by pesky insects like carpenter ants, bees, and termites. Lastly, wood can often fade, chip, or crack if not properly treated.

Vinyl siding, alleviates the issues noted above. However, it has been known to warp and melt in hot climates. It’s also made from a fairly brittle material which can crack under extreme pressure.

All in all, these traditional siding materials simply aren’t built for the long haul.

Metal board and batten exterior siding alleviates all this by providing a beautiful finish that is designed to be durable. Consider:

  • It is made from steel, which is the second most durable metal available in the world.
  • The steel siding finish cannot rot, chip, corrode, or melt.
  • It is impenetrable to pests.
  • The UV protective clear coat will prevent fading.
  • Its locking mechanism prevents water infiltration due to its concealed fastener.
  • It is effectively weatherproof, as it will stand up to heavy rain, hail, wind, and more.

This is a housing product that is likely to last a generation or more. Truly, metal board and batten siding panels bring modern reliability to a classic housing product.

Wood-like Looks

Many homeowners love the look of wood siding, but hate the maintenance. With board and batten look metal siding, you can attain the aesthetic of wood without the headaches. The natural wood grain finish of a modern board & batten metal siding product is sure to fool the eye. It can offer variable wood grain finishes and natural hues.

Easy to Install

Often when traditional siding products need to be replaced, a homeowner will have to replace their entire house’s siding. This can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.

Modern exterior board and batten metal siding is designed to lock in like puzzle pieces. The unique fastener locks each piece to the next. This makes for a faster installation. It also allows for an easier replacement if you ever have an issue with a board and batten metal panel.

Count on a Reliable Metal Board and Batten Panels Pioneer

At TruLog Siding, we have been manufacturing metal siding products for our customers for years. We specialize in metal siding products that look just like wood! And this extends to our metal board and batten exterior siding products. They are long-lasting, warranty-protected, and customer beloved.

Our exterior board and batten metal siding even comes in a variety of wood grain colors and finishes, including:

  • Weathered Gray
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Western Cedar
  • Dark Walnut
  • Driftwood
  • And more.

Reach out to us to learn why board and batten style metal siding can be perfect for your home. Get an estimate today!

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